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Plymouth County Republican Straw Poll Results

The Plymouth County GOP held a straw poll last night that gives us some insight into a number of Plymouth County Republican primaries.

Not a lot of surprises here, but except maybe how lopsided some of the results were. Results after the jump.

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Guy Glodis Kamal Jain Mary Connaughton Mike Lake Nat Fortune State Auditor Suzanne Bump

Candidates for State Auditor: Bump, Connaughton, Glodis, Lake and Jain

There are 5 candidates running for Massachusetts State Auditor:

» Suzanne Bump (D)
» Guy Glodis (D)
» Mike Lake (D)
» Mary Connaughton (R)
» Kamal Jain (R)
» Nat Fortune (G)

What does the State Auditor do?

The office of the state auditor (OSA) provides oversight into state agencies to make sure that funds are being spent legally, wisely and for the purposes intended by the legislature. The OSA is a watchdog agency that looks out for such things as:

  • lax financial controls which could result in state money being embezzled
  • conflicts of interest in awarding state contract
  • fraud, waste etc.

State Auditor is a position where political party or ideology matters less  than the auditor being someone with experience understanding how large organizations are funded, what are good accounting practices and most importantly someone with the highest level of integrity and honesty.

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