Rep. John Keenan of Salem Fails to File Enough Signatures – May Lose Ballot

John Keenan

Update: Confirmed – John Keenan does not have enough signatures and will not be on the ballot for Salem Rep.

He filled out his signature forms incorrectly and is currently short 1 signature to qualify for the ballot.

Three term Democratic Representative John Keenan had three pages of signatures disqualified because he failed to fill them out incorrectly, leaving him with just 149 of the 150 signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.

The deadline to submit signatures is now past. Unless a court rules to admit some disqualified signatures, or unless the Secretary of State qualifies some of signatures on other pages which were disqualified for other reasons, Keenan may not appear on the ballot in November, forcing him to run a write-in campaign.

Keenan says that there are three disqualified signatures which may be certified after all. By law the Secretary of State must certify all signatures for party candidates to statewide office by 5 pm this coming Tuesday. Keenan will know then if he qualifies for the ballot.

Keenan was running unopposed. No party candidates had taken out papers either and the deadline for submitting signatures was April 27th. If Keenan’s signatures are not certified it will leave no one on the ballot, meaning all candidates will be on an even footing to run a write in campaign.

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