William Keating Nabs a Purse Snatcher


William Keating

Democratic Candidate for 10th Congressional District Chases Down and Literally Captures a Purse Snatcher on Sunday in Falmouth

Keating was having breakfast with his wife at the Colony Fare restaurant in Falmouth, when a man overturned a stool, grabbed a woman’s purse and ran out of the restaurant.

A number of diners, including Keating ran after the man. The suspect, Christopher Jones, 29, dropped the purse and continued running, but Keating, 59, and another man continued after him, tackled him and held him until police arrived.

It turns out the purse contained thousands in cash to pay for their daughter’s wedding. The grateful family paid for Keating’s breakfast.

The Globe has a nice article on it. The Globe, who has endorsed Keating’s opponent, Robert O’Leary, had this to say in its article:

Keating’s heroics won’t, and shouldn’t, have any effect on his Democratic primary tomorrow in the 10th District, where he has been locked in what most observers consider a very close battle against state Senator Robert O’Leary. Chasing a purse-snatcher is a show of civic responsibility that would be expected of most average folk; it does not in itself amount to grounds for winning someone’s vote.

The good old Globe. God love them – they really take their endorsements seriously. This leaves Robert O’Leary in a tough spot, as he now has only one day to catch a thief. Jeff Perry on the other hand has more than two months and believes he can catch at least two by November.

WHDH has a story on it, with a video interview and re-enactment.


  • Guest
    September 26, 2010 - 11:24 pm | Permalink

    It was probably a setup…

    • September 27, 2010 - 12:40 am | Permalink

      I doubt it.

      He’d have to find a guy willing to go to jail to help him get a minor boost. Keating would have to be willing to take a terrible political risk. If anyone found out about the “setup” he would be done in politics forever. It would be easy for anyone involved in such a setup to blackmail Keating from that point forward. Hardly worth it.

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