Video: Charlie Baker Candidate for Governor Interviewed by Hector Montalvo

Hector has another long and extremely informative interview with Charlie Baker. They go over tax cuts and the impact on the economy, especially on small business. Baker talks about how there are two sets of rules – where the regular people have had to make tough choices and accept lower earnings, while the state has continued to give itself budget increases and pay raises.

Baker makes two pledges:

  1. He will not raise taxes
  2. He will never cut local aid

Baker says that in the last election Patrick made three promises that he has not kept:

  1. That he would cut property taxes
  2. put 1000 new cops on the street
  3. make no cuts to local aid

“Those are big promises that haven’t been kept.”

Baker comes out in support alimony reform. He gets it backwards on child support, custody and parental involvement. He says that people who pay child support are more likely to spend time with their children. But the real data is that those who have shared custody of their children are more likely to stay current on child support. Baker needs to get informed.

He hits Massachusetts state government for being among the least transparent of state governments. He criticizes the state for passing three cuts to local aid. He says directly that state government is working for the interests of insiders, like state worker unions, instead of for the benefit of the taxpayers who pay the bills.

His sense of what people care about in this election are pocketbook issues – jobs, taxes and the bad economy.

Baker pledges:

Not to raise taxes and not to cut local aid.

Hector’s interview series just keeps getting better. This is real grass roots citizen involvement in politics. He’s got an interview taped with Tim Cahill, and I know he has invited Deval Patrick and Martha Coakley. I’ll have all of those then they get posted.


  • Papertiger
    September 25, 2010 - 1:10 am | Permalink

    I had planned to vote for Baker, but his ignorant comment on child support and custody tells me that he has made zero effort to understand this extremely important issue.

    Consequently, he has likely lost my vote and the vote of thousands of fathers in this state who have been victimized by such ignorance.

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