Tim Cahill's Unhinged Response to Howie Carr

Tim Cahill

Cahill is Part of a National Pattern of Fake Spoiler Candidates

Last Friday Howie Carr ran a column asking Tim Cahill to abandon his race for Governor because he cannot win:

So Tim Cahill, let me be blunt. How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

Tim, exactly how much do-re-mi will it take to get you out of this fight? I’ve asked you this on the air, and you laughed, as if I were kidding. I wasn’t.

And Cahill answered in a letter that is just too shrill not to repost:

Howie, your latest column was confusing. You don’t want me in this race? Poor little Charlie Baker might not be able to win it on his own? Why do we bother having elections at all?

Let’s take a quick step into your fantasy world, just so we can give voters a clear picture of what you would like to see.

Prince Charles, the rightful heir to the throne of Weld, Cellucci and Romney rides in to evil Deval’s Kingdom of Taxachusetts on his shiny white pony.

Taxachusetts is a land where poor little Howie and the rest of the people have been suffering after four years of evil Deval’s misguided leadership.

In an uproar, the citizens, led by the brave warrior Howie, rise up and unanimously declare Charlie Baker lord of all Taxachusetts. Howie and his brave white knight Charlie Baker ride off into the sunset together hand in hand, rainbows fill the sky and we all live happily ever after.

But then politically unadvisable statements haven’t really hurt Cahill. Let’s not forget Cahill’s statement this May that Patrick’s meeting with leaders of Boston’s Muslim community was “playing politics with terrorism”.

Antics like this aren’t going to get Cahill any more supporters than the roughly 15% that currently support him. But it might help cement the support of his remaining core of ‘dead enders’.

Cahill has been a Democrat for all his life. He endorsed Patrick all the way through the last election cycle. His new found tea-party style conservatism is as phony as it is convenient.


Fake Spoiler Candidates

It looks increasingly like Cahill’s only goal is in fact to be a spoiler for Baker and ensure a victory for Patrick. Fake spoiler candidates are nothing new in politics, but they have taken on a new life across the country this election season.

YouTube Preview Image

Consider the case of Alvin Green, a near illiterate stealth candidate that took the Democratic Primary for a US Senate District in South Carolina. Green is so poor that he was using a public defender to defend himself against a felony indecency charge – when someone paid his $10,000 filing fee for his Senate run. The anointed Democratic candidate, Vic Rawl, was caught napping, expected to breeze through the primary, and to start his real race against incumbent Senator Jim Demint. For a mere $10,000 the South Carolina GOP ran the most cost effective Senatorial campaign ever.

The New York Times has an interesting story today about Republican Steve May, who recruited 3 homeless men to run as Green Party candidates in Arizona in an attempt to divert progressive votes in three Arizona legislative races. In another case, the roommate of a Republican legislator’s daughter ran as a Green Party candidate.

We’re seeing this trend in Massachusetts as well. Jeff Perry is running a fantastic race in the 10th Congressional District. And as it looked increasingly likely that Perry would be the leader in that Race after the primary two former Democrats have now registered as single issue right wing candidates – Maryanne Lewis and Jim Sheets.

Both are running as no-hope independent candidates. Both filed late after Perry’s candidacy started looking very viable.

MaryAnne Lewis is a long time Democratic activist and lobbyist. She was a key associate of former speaker Charles Finneran – often presiding at State House sessions. But now she is running as a single issues “2nd Ammendment” candidate. In her long career in political activism she never said anything in support of gun rights – until now:

I support the Constitutional Right of all law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.   Along with that basic and unequivocal American right come a host of societal benefits….  Hunting and firearms are good for the environment.  No, that wasn’t a misstatement.  I come from a family that loves to hunt and fish.  You won’t find a group more concerned with nature and the environment than a true hunter.

Jim Sheets is 74 and a life long Democrat. He was a six term Quincy Mayor, and once ran unsuccessfully for congress in 1978. In every one of his political campaigns he ran as a Democrat. Democrats have apparently one last favor to ask of their operative. He is running as an independent on a single issue – scare mongering seniors over “Obamacare”:

I’m running because the Health Care Bill passed by the House of Representatives marks a cruel attack on a group of vulnerable and needy citizens, our Seniors…. Seniors are being told they must give one-half TRILLION DOLLARS of their Medicare Funds back.  This money has been set aside for our Seniors to help heal their bodies, provide greater longevity in life to enjoy their children and grandchildren and to allow them extra years to live in dignity.  After Congress spent decades extolling the virtues of Medicare for the elderly and talking about the hope Seniors had for a longer, better and healthier way of life, Congress is now taking much of it away as these cuts ration senior healthcare.

Neither of these candidates can win. And neither one will be able to benefit the causes they purport to support. But each will likely syphon some votes away from Perry.


  • PolarBear
    September 8, 2010 - 6:39 pm | Permalink

    You forgot Mike Lake in the Auditor’s race. Watch him going into a debate sometime. He and Glodis will confer about what to say.

  • November 21, 2010 - 4:06 pm | Permalink

    By labeling them “fake spoiler candidates,” you’re implying that Maryanne Lewis and Jim Sheets intended to enter the race with the sole purpose of siphoning votes away from Perry. You’ll need more than circumstantial evidence to prove what you’re trying to prove here. Where is the evidence that they coordinated with Keating or with one another?

    • November 22, 2010 - 4:04 am | Permalink

      And I suppose you believe that Alvin Green is a real candidate also then?
      After all the evidence there is all circumstantial too.

      Here is a mental exercise – what is Mayanne Lewis up to after the election.
      I wonder if she is still a hardcore gun rights activist. Somehow I think
      she’s gone back to being a DEmocratic lobbyist and a gavel holder for house

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