Three Popular Conservative Blogs Choose Michael Stopa for U.S. Congress

[ed_note]We received the following message from Mike Stopa, candidate for Congress in 3rd Congressional District[/ed_note]

Mike Stopa


Michael Stopa, candidate for U.S. Congress in Massachusetts’ Third District, has just picked up the premium endorsement in the blogosphere. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit says of Stopa, “Hey, he’s got my vote: He’s a Tea Partier and a nanotechnologist!”

Earlier, Rob Eno, author of the conservative blog, Red Mass Group, had also decided that Michael Stopa is the best candidate to go up against Democrat James McGovern in the Third District race for U.S. Congress on November 2nd. According to Eno, ” he is by all accounts far and away the person with the best grasp of the issues. I’ve seen him talk extemporaneously on a whole host of issues. He is the most ready to be a congressman on day one.”

In addition, William A. Jacobson, of the Legal Insurrection blog, has also come out strongly in favor of Stopa’s candidacy. “I previously have highlighted the candidacy of  Mike Stopa running in the Republican primary for Congress in the MA-03 District.  The primary is this Tuesday, September 14. If there are any voters in MA-03 reading, please get out and vote for Stopa.  And tell others. Whoever runs against incumbent Democrat Jim McGovern will need a grasp not only of the issues, but the smarts and energy to take on this entrenched incumbent.  Stopa has both. Let’s choose the best person to run against McGovern. That person is Mike Stopa.”

“I am really gratified,” said Stopa, “to be the choice of three independent bloggers whose sites I have come to rely upon for accuracy and interest.”

Michael Stopa is running on a platform to reduce the size of government, repeal Obamacare, protect our borders, lower taxes and start creating jobs in the private sector.

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