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2nd - Neal Wesley Fleitman

Massachusetts Second District: A fight brewing

Tom Wesley

Tuesday’s winner of the Republican nomination in the Second Massachusetts Congressional district was Tom Wesley of Hopedale, beating Dr. Jay Fleitman of Northampton. He will now go on to face long term Democratic Congressman, Richard Neal. It should be a good fight.

When you look at the results by town, there are some interesting numbers.

First as expected, Wesley did well in the eastern part of the district and Fleitman did well in the western areas. With a few exceptions. The city of Springfield, a place where you would think Fleitman would score a huge win, was only a 177 vote victory for Fleitman, out of 1417 votes cast. The town of Leicester on the other hand, just outside of Worcester and one you might think would vote in favor of Wesley, Fleitman took it by one vote.  Wesley took Palmer which is closer to Springfield, by 68 votes.

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