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Middlesex, Suffolk & Essex Senate District Candidates: DiDomenico, Flaherty, Bush

» Sal DiDomenico (D) incumbent
» Tim Flaherty (D)
» Barbara Bush (R)

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Flaherty DiDomenico

Sal DiDomenico Holding 'Democratic Unity' Event in Cambridge

Sal DiDomenico

DiDomenico and Flaherty Looking to Demonstrate Strength to Political Power Brokers

The race for Middlesex Suffolk and Essex isn’t over. The major contest was supposed to be the Democratic Primary on April 13th, which DiDomenico won by a narrow 135 vote margin. Tim Flaherty has announced he will run again in the Fall. So the race is back on. Both campaigns need to start gathering support for November’s Election.

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Flaherty DiDomenico

Tim Flaherty gives up on Recount, Decides to Run again in the Fall

Tim Flaherty

Tim Flaherty announced yesterday that he is not going to push for a recount but will run again for the Middlesex Suffolk and Essex seat in September primary:

“Over the past few days, my campaign has been reviewing reports of voting irregularities in Everett. While these reports are concerning, our campaign has decided not to pursue a recount, as it would distract from our goal of winning in September. This race has been a statistical dead heat, with my campaign winning in five out of eight communities, and separated by just over 100 votes out of more than 11,000 cast.”

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Flaherty DiDomenico

Sal DiDomenico wins Middlesex, Suffolk and Essex Senate Seat

But Flaherty Charges ‘Voter Irregularities’ in Everett!

Sal Didomenico won the Middlesex Suffolk and Essex seat by 130 votes. The breakdown is roughly like this:

  • Sal DiDomenico 37.2%
  • Tim Flaherty 36.0%
  • Denise Simmons 10.1%
  • Mike Albano 8.4%
  • Dennis Benzan 6.6%
  • Dan Hill 1.5%

DiDomenico won 4,230 votes over Flaherty’s 4,096.

DiDomenico won big in Everett with about 70% of the total vote there, and won Somerville, Saugus and Chelsea and Revere. He lost Charlestown by a narrow margin, and won only 6% in Cambridge where Tim Flaherty and Denise Simmons are strong.

The vote is very close and Tim Flaherty is now charging ‘voting irregularities':

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Election Predictions: DiDomenico in MSE, Smulowitz in NBM

Sal DiDomenico

Today is election day in the senate seats in Middlesex Suffolk and Essex ( Galluccio’s seat ) and Norfolk Bristol and Middlesex ( Scott Brown’s seat ).

Middlesex Suffolk & Essex:

Turnout is expected to be low. Campaigns are predicting a total turnout of about 13,000 people. I think it will  be even less. Early numbers are very few people at the polls by mid-day.

Here is how I think the candidates will come in:

  • DiDomenico (33%)
  • Flaherty (26%)
  • Simmons (22%)
  • Albano (12%)
  • Benzan (6%)
  • Hill (1%)

DiDomenico’s support is solid in the northern part of the district. If you go past Everett to the north it’s DiDomenico  signs everywhere.

I think Flaherty’s support it soft. A lot of people who would prefer to vote for the true progressives ( Albano and Simmons ) are voting for him just on the perception that he’s the only Cambridge candidate who can win.

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Flaherty DiDomenico

Sal DiDomenico Supports Shared Parenting and Alimony Reform

A rally for Sal DiDomenico

As the race for the Middlesex Suffolk and Essex senate seat draws to a close, I have been reaching out to all the candidates to get their positions on Shared Parenting and Alimony Reform. It’s been difficult to get a clear answer from most of the candidates. Generally they are not well informed on the specific bills before the legislature related to these issues (H1400 and H1785)

Only one candidate, Sal DiDomenico, seemed well informed on these issues. DiDomenico, who worked as Sen Anthony Galluccio’s chief of staff knows the bills by bill number, knows their contents and gave a clear answer on his position:

I support this bill because it is important for children to have equal access to both parents.  Being a son and parent to two young boys I see the importance of this bill.  I will be an advocate for this bill and will vote for  it at the state level if I am elected State Senator.  This bill is a matter of fairness to both the parents and children.

I also support this bill and did research on it for Senator Galluccio.  I know there are many co-sponsors of this bill, but we still need leaders who will advocate for its passage in the State House.  This is an important bill for people who want to move on with their lives.  I will vote for this bill and work to get it passed.

DiDomenico has generally been the most well informed of all the candidates on the details of legislative issues. On almost any topic, DiDomenico avoids broad generalizations and gets right to the details of what needs to be done to resolve the many problems facing the state.

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Flaherty DiDomenico

Coverage of the CDCC Candidates Debate for Cambridge State Senator

The Cambridge Chronicle and the Everett Independent today posted their coverage of the CDCC debate between the candidates for the state senate seat vacated by Sen. Anthony Galluccio.

The Everett Independent article also has an interesting bit about some independent polling they have received which puts DiDomenico in the lead followed by Flaherty and then Albano:

Some polling results that we have received at the Independent reveal a close contest between Flaherty and DiDomenico.

DiDomenico apparently is leading Flaherty in Everett while Flaherty is ahead of DiDomenico in Cambridge, Allston-Brighton, Chelsea and Charlestown.

If DiDomenico can control 70% of the Everett vote  …  then DiDomenico can lose in most of the other communities by close margins and still come away with a victory.

If Everett’s turnout for DiDomenico totals only 50% or 55%, then Flaherty’s pluralities in Chelsea, Charlestown, Cambridge and Allston-Brighton could mean a victory for him.

That’s about the way I see it too. Turnout for this election is expected to be low, so whoever can turn out their voters best will take it. One of the real wild cards here is if Benzan can turn out the district’s 20% of Hispanic voters where he has a great deal of support.

Flaherty DiDomenico

Senate Candidates for Cambridge Everett & Chelsea State Senate Seat Video Roundup

Tim Flaherty on CCTV

There are many places hosting the video of the 6 candidates running for Middlesex Suffolk & Essex State Senate.

Cambridge Community TV has been recording local State Senate Candidates. I think it’s their intention to record all the candidates. There are two up already:

I’ll add more here as they post them, but you can probably find whatever they have on their elections page.

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Flaherty DiDomenico

Senate Candidates to Debate in Allston on March 25th

Allston Brighton on Comm Ave.

The debates in the Middlesex, Suffolk & Essex District just keep coming. The next one is being hosted by the Allston Brighton North Neighbors Forum (ABNNF).

The debate will be at 6pm, at the Gardner School Auditorium, 30 Athol St.

The last debate at the Cambridge senior center was a complete bust. The CDCC had promised an opportunity for people to question the candidates directly, but instead people had to go through a process where they handed the moderator cards and so the questions asked ended up being on issues that have been covered endlessly already in the campaign.

I’m hoping this one will be more of an open forum and maybe new issues will be covered.

Apparently there is also going to be a bake sale where you can buy dinner and dessert and support the school. Sounds like it’s going to be a less formal structure where voters can get a better sense of the candidates.

This seat only represents part of Allston/Brighton, so not all residents are eligible for this race. You can check to see if you are in the district by looking on wheredoivotema.com. Enter your address, and if the seat comes up as ‘vacant’, then you are eligible to vote. I’m sure everyone is welcome regardless.

Flaherty DiDomenico

Facebook Analysis of Middlesex Suffolk & Essex

Everett Massachusetts
Everett Massachusetts

Facebook is a pretty crude measure of who is winning an election. But it does give us some insight.

I looked at the Facebook pages of the candidates in this race and the results are interesting.

Let’s just start with some raw stats:

It’s a short race, and we are not likely to see any real scientific polls so signals like this are about as good as we are going to get.

All things being equal one would expect that the number of Facebook friends a candidate has would be proportional to the total support they have. Certainly candidates who appeal to older voters will have fewer Facebook friends. And I’m sure some candidates do more outreach for Facebook friends than others.

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