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Patrick 46%, Baker 39% and Cahill 10% in Latest Suffolk Poll

Poll Analysis from Jessica Van Sack:


Definitely not a good poll for Baker, but not as negative as many are saying. Can’t say I disagree with Van Sack, fallout from Cahill collapse appears to be helping Patrick.

Question 3, cutting sales tax to 3%: Support: 44%, Oppose: 49%

Question 1, repeal alcohol sales tax: Repeal: 46%, Maintain: 47%

Marginals: http://www.suffolk.edu/images/content/FINAL.MASS.Statewide.Marginals.pdf

CrossTabs: http://www.suffolk.edu/images/content/FINAL.MASS.STATEWIDE.TABLES.OCT.12.pdf

Poll Analysis later.

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Charlie Baker Deval Patrick Governor Tim Cahill

Jack Gately: Upgrade to Charlie Baker

YouTube Preview Image
Governor Tim Cahill

Video: Tim Cahill Candidate for Governor Interviewed by Hector Montalvo

Hector has been interviewing all the major candidates. Here is his interview with Tim Cahill. He had a previous interview with Charlie Baker and another with Attorney General candidate Jim McKenna.

Hector has more videos coming out including one with Deval Patrick and another with Martha Coakley.

Governor Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill's Unhinged Response to Howie Carr

Tim Cahill

Cahill is Part of a National Pattern of Fake Spoiler Candidates

Last Friday Howie Carr ran a column asking Tim Cahill to abandon his race for Governor because he cannot win:

So Tim Cahill, let me be blunt. How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

Tim, exactly how much do-re-mi will it take to get you out of this fight? I’ve asked you this on the air, and you laughed, as if I were kidding. I wasn’t.

And Cahill answered in a letter that is just too shrill not to repost:

Howie, your latest column was confusing. You don’t want me in this race? Poor little Charlie Baker might not be able to win it on his own? Why do we bother having elections at all?

Let’s take a quick step into your fantasy world, just so we can give voters a clear picture of what you would like to see.

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Charlie Baker Deval Patrick Governor Jill Stein Tim Cahill

Massachusetts Gubernatorial Debate about Cape Wind

The original post is on MassInc. The debate was at Suffolk University on August 16th, and focused on just Cape Wind.

Baker and Cahill come down against Cape Wind based mostly on cost and the massive subsidies to make it work. Patrick supports it based on the environmental benefits and on the jobs it creates. Patrick also cites how Cape Wind would protect Masssachusetts from cost volatility.

Stein is especially strong and convincing. She classifies herself as a commited environmental activist but opposes, like Baker and Cahill, based on cost and low cost efficiency. Where she really shines is how she calls out Patrick for taking contributions from Cape Wind interests, and for the closed door deals that got it done. She calls on the Governor to return contributions from Cape Wind lobbyists.

At one point Patrick calls Stein a “mole” and she retorts that “you have to be a mole to know what is happening on Beacon Hill.”

It is amazing to see the Green Party and Republicans largely in agreement. The debate ends up being to a large degree about transparency and insider “pay to play” contracts.

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Part 1

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Charlie Baker Deval Patrick Governor Tim Cahill

Patrick Campaign Responds to RGA Attack Ads

The Republican Governors Association (RGA) has released two new web ads, one that attacks Tim Cahill, and for the first time one that attacks Deval Patrick. The ads are short, make a few negative assertions about Cahill and Patrick, and don’t go into much detail.

Doug Rubin, Patrick’s senior strategist has sent out a letter to supporters laying out the governor’s case against the ad:

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Charlie Baker Deval Patrick Governor Jill Stein Tim Cahill

Governor's Race Poll Analysis: Patrick 45%, Baker 34%, Cahill 16%

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Age, Sex and Race Playing a Significant Role

The race is tightening. In the latest Rasmussen Poll, Patrick who last polled at 45% has seen support drop to 41%. He is still seeing benefits from good economic news. Before recent reports of an economic turn around Patrick was polling in the low 30’s.

Baker continues to rise. As the number of voters with no opinion of Baker shrinks he is seeing his poll numbers rise as expected. Probably not as quickly as he needs to, but the differential between Patrick and Baker is narrowing.

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Patronage Jobs

Chief Justice Mulligan Sparks a Showdown Between the Judiciary and the Legislature

Chief Justice Robert Mulligan in 2008

Tensions between the Judiciary and the Legislature have simmered for years over the legislators use of the courts as a source of patronage jobs for the politically connected. This year’s budget process may have finally set off a battle between the Judiciary and the Legislature which will play out during the election season.

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Casinos and Slots Tim Cahill

Casino Interests Try to Take Advantage of $100 Million State Infrastructure Investments

William Flanagan

For 10 years now officials in Fall River have lobbied the state to invest in the development of a biotechnology park in the area – the SouthCoast BioPark. And over the past few years the state has invested about $70 million dollars on road improvements for the industrial park, including a new highway ramp off Route 24.

Meanwhile in the background casino interests have been working to build support among local officials to turn SouthCoast BioPark into a resort casino. By “working” I mean making campaign contributions to Fall River mayor William Flanagan.

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Charlie Baker

Charlie Baker Launches "Mass Had Enough" Speaking Tour

Charlie Baker

For a few weeks now we’ve seen a mysterious poster on twitter promoting a web site to political activists called “masshadenough.com“. It was a single page that asked “Had enough of high taxes, political corruption and insider deals?” The source of the messages and purpose of the site was unknown.

Today we found out – that page was a promotion for Charlie Baker’s speaking tour this week. He’s going around the state making his case for reducing taxes, and fixing the endemic corruption we’ve had over the past several years. The tour starts today in Framingham and will end Thursday afternoon at the State House.

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