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5th - Tsongas Golnik Meas

Video: Jon Golnik, Sam Meas, Tom Weaver and Bob Shapiro Debate in the Shirley Republican Candidates Forum

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5th Congressional District Republican Candidates Debate

The four Republican candidates challenging Rep. Niki Tsongas for 5th Congressional Representative debated at the Shirley Republican Town Committee Candidate Forum on April 10th. The video was posted today, and it helps give us a sense if any of these challengers can be a serious threat to Rep. Tsongas.

Jon Golnik is clearly the standout from among the four. He had specific, rational policy ideas on every question. He knows the facts behind the issues, and his policy ideas seem to be based on practicality and reality. He sounds like the kind of practical political leader who can listen to different sides of an issue and find reasonable solutions.

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