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Brad Williams Talks Public Safety

Brad Williams

Two recent incidents in and near the Suffolk and Norfolk District have shaken neighbors due to their violent nature and disregard for human life. Neither a senseless murder for a pizza and one hundred dollars nor the execution-style murder of four individuals, including a toddler, can be tolerated in the City of Boston or anywhere.

I applaud Mayor Menino, Boston Police Commissioner Davis and District Attorney Conley for their swift condemnation and public statements in the aftermath of both crimes. I share their outrage and commitment to not let thugs and cowards terrorize us.

As I have campaigned throughout the district this year, too many police officers have told me that they are understaffed and potentially outgunned. I am committed to having the appropriate resources in place to maintain public safety and protect our men and women who put themselves in harm’s way everyday.

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As the Probation Department Scandal and Inquiry Widens, Rush’s Silence is Deafening

[ed_note]We received this message from the Brad Williams campaign.[/ed_note]

Mike Rush
Mike Rush

State Representative Rush failed to adequately respond to State Senate candidate Brad Williams’ call for Rush to fully disclose and explain his involvement with the Massachusetts Probation Department scandal as outlined by the Boston Globe Spotlight Team on May 23, 2010. In an article published on May 29, the Boston Globe states, “Rush responded in an e-mail to the Globe, writing, ‘I have no comment.’”

Williams stated that “Rush’s flip response to these serious allegations against him only serve to discredit Rush’s denials of impropriety. In particular, he should respond to allegations from within and outside of the Probation Department that he has used his position on the House Ways and Means Committee to unduly influence the hiring decisions at the Probation Department – or what I called ‘tribal patronage’ in a recent Boston Globe article.” As long as the Probation Department is under investigation, Williams calls on Representative Rush to disclose and disgorge any campaign contributions received from Probation Department employees and their families over his four terms in office.

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Rush Williams Walsh

Mike Walsh challenges Rep. Mike Rush on lack of accessibility to voters

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh is a candidate for the State Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Marian Walsh. His competitor for the Democratic primary is Rep. Mike Rush. In a message to us, Mr. Walsh notes the Mike Rush’s campaign web site doesn’t list any contact info, and questions if Mike Rush will be similarly inaccessible as a senator. Mike Walsh’s message follows:

Reach out to the People who want to be your next state Senator?

In the Democratic Primary on Tuesday September 14,  two individuals are seeking to replace Marian Walsh as your next state senator.  Mike Rush, an incumbent state representative for West Roxbury, and Michael Walsh an attorney representing injured workers and their families for 22 years.

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