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Alimony Reform Shared Parenting

Fathers & Families: Candidates’ Positions on Shared Parenting and Other Family Court Issues

Tomorrow (Tuesday, September 14), there will be primary elections throughout the state. For the first time in years, many of the races are contested, and a few votes could make the difference between a candidate winning or losing.

I urge all of you to vote tomorrow. Remember that if you are registered as an Independent (also called “Unenrolled”), you may vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary.

We have information on only a few races. Please keep in mind that as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Fathers and Families does not endorse or oppose any particular candidate.

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Governor Shared Parenting

Deval Patrick Promises Again to Convene a Task Force on Shared Parenting

Deval Patrick

In his monthly appearance on WTKK, today Governor Deval Patrick promised to convene a task force to study Shared Parenting.

A bill on Shared Parenting has appeared before the Legislature for the last several years. It’s before the Legislature again this year in the form of bill H1400. It would create a presumption that in divorce, when there are two fit parents that shared custody, it is in the best interests of children – a finding backed up by most modern studies on child development after divorce. read more »

1st Middlesex & Norfolk Creem Rudnick Shared Parenting

Bob Norton's Anti-Creem Flier

This is one of the versions of the flier Bob Norton of fathersunite.org is has been distributing. Readers should judge for themselves if it is defamatory.

The flier is embedded below, but if your browser does not support embedded PDF’s you can download the document here.