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Secretary Candidate Jim Henderson Introduces Map-Based Poll Location Tool

[ed_note]We received this message from Jim Henderson, candidate for Secretary of the Commonwealth. It is a useful tool for getting a map to your polling place. We will see if we can integrate something like this on ME2010.[/ed_note]


Jim Henderson, independent candidate for Secretary of the Commonwealth, today introduced the Poll Map, a new online map-based tool that allows voters to quickly determine the location of their polling place through Google Maps. The tool can be accessed at http://pollmap.jimforsoc.com/.

“The Poll Map tool represents a distinctly different approach to providing information to the public,” explained Henderson. “By using data already maintained by state agencies, my campaign has developed a special feature that will allow a voter, with a simple mouse click, to get a map of where their polling place is located. However, in addition to providing the Massachusetts voter with an easy-to-use tool, this represents an example of the benefits of open data initiatives. With greater access to public data, there are countless opportunities for innovation out there for the public benefit, whether it is done by a self-taught programmer like me, or one of the many skilled computer specialists we have in this state.”

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