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Elizabeth Warren: Is She Anti-Business?


Taking Down Scotty Brown

Scott Brown

Could any Dems topple #41 in six weeks?

Now that the 2010 election is behind us, we can begin to focus on the truly important task of governing. Just kidding. We’re just going to focus on the 2012 election.

The speculation about which Democrat could beat Scott Brown officially began on January 20, but it has already ramped up in the 36 hours or so since all of #41’s endorsees got trounced at the polls. In the Globe today, Alan Wirzbicki tossed out names like Congressman Mike Capuano and Alan Khazei (both of whom fell to Coakley in last year’s primary), Congressman Stephen Lynch, Newton Mayor Setti Warren, and even financial executive and social security wiz Bob Pozen.

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4th - Frank Bielat Sholley

Rally for Sean Bielat and Charlie Baker, featuring Scott Brown and Mary Z. Connaughton

Charlie Baker at Foxboro Rally, intro by Scott Brown.

YouTube Preview Image

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Charlie Baker Governor Mariano Lowell

Bob Monty on Nassour’s MassGOPolicy: FAIL!

Bob Monty

Massachusetts’ voters are purportedly all fired up and eager to throw out all the incumbents this November – but not the MassGOP. Its concentration is on the top-tier offices of governor, light governor, a smattering of other constitutional state offices and a couple of congressional seats – just not the state Legislature.

The absurdity that gubernatorial candidate and health care multi-millionaire Charlie Baker and his new BFF and former New York political operative and now MassGOP leader, Jennifer Nassour, is proposing, is to get the top ticket jobs and worry about the state’s House and Senate seats two years from now – when he will be just another lame duck (if he wins). He’ll never be able to sustain a veto (if he wins) – just like his Democrat predecessor, DeFault Patrick (if he loses); and all those before him. All of our recent governors have been woeful pawns to the whims of the Legislature, so why is no one aiming to control it instead of the Corner Office? Must be the drapes – yeah… that’s it – they like the drapes.

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Walz Marston

Senator Scott Brown to campaign for Brad Marston

Senator Scott Brown will appear at a fundraising reception for Brad Marston’s campaign for Massachusetts State Representative in the Eighth Suffolk District. The event will be held at The Kinsale, 2 Center Plaza, Cambridge Street in Boston on August 25th at 6:30 pm.

In a statement, Mr. Marston said “I am honored to have Senator Brown’s support. I intend to legislate on Beacon Hill in the same bipartisan fashion as he has in Washington DC. Senator Brown attended my campaign kick off back in November where I said it was time to ‘not look for the Republican answer or the Democratic answer but rather we need to look for the right answer.’

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4th - Frank Bielat Sholley

Sean Bielat Opposes Scott Brown's Vote for Dodd-Frank Financial Regulation Bill

Sean Bielat and Scott Brown

Sean Bielat who is running for Congress against Barney Frank, issued the following statement today:

As a candidate for U.S. Congress opposing Barney Frank, and as a constituent, I am greatly disappointed in Senator Brown’s expressed support of the Dodd-Frank Bill.

This bill has Barney Frank’s DNA — it sounds smart but doesn’t make much sense, it spends more than it saves, and it’s afraid to talk about Fannie and Freddie.
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2010 Elections 4th - Frank Bielat Sholley Charlie Baker Senate

Campaign Video Roundup: Candidates Embrace a More Personal and Informal Style

Candidates are moving beyond party to a new more personal and informal style.

Campaign video has changed a great deal from just a few years ago. Campaign television advertising has always used deep sonorous voices of newscaster types to give the ads a voice of authority as they deliver messages for or against a candidate in the third person.

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New Rasmussen Poll Looks Bad for Congressional Incumbents

The latest Rasmussen poll has some surprising numbers. There is the expected high approval ratings for Scott Brown – 70%. But what is really surprising is this:

Generally speaking, would it better for the country if most incumbents in Congress were reelected this November or if most of them were defeated?

25% Better if most incumbents were reelected
53% Better if most incumbents were defeated
22% Not sure

Massachusetts voters – by a whopping 2-1 margin – would like to see the majority of their congressional delegation defeated.

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Ross Harkins Smulowitz

Lida Harkins funded by Lobbyists

Wrentham Center

An analysis of the campaign financing for the candidates for Scott Brown’s open state Senate seat shows that Richard Ross, Peter Smulowitz and Rich Mitchell have taken almost no contributions from lobbyists or PAC’s. Lida Harkins filings show a disturbing amount of financing by lobbyists and PACs – and a penchant for shopping.

Lets start by looking at the amount of money each candidate had on hand when they last filed disclosures in January:

  • Lida Harkins (D) – $7,192
  • Richard Ross (R) – $14,205
  • Peter Smulowitz (D) – $27,851
  • Rich Mitchell (I)  – Late entrant not yet filed.

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Ross Harkins Smulowitz

Scott Brown's Seat is Wide Open

These are the candidates I know about who are running to fill Scott Brown’s seat:

There aren’t a lot of candidates yet, but this should be an interesting race because this seat could go Democrat or Republican.