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Bob Monty on Rep. Ron Mariano's Campaign Finance: Through the Looking Glass

Ronald Mariano

Anyone who is interested enough to look through Rep. Ron Mariano’s (D-Quincy, Weymouth, Holbrook and possibly the planet Mars) campaign spending reports for the first reporting period of 2008 will find that he spent $5,713 for ”lunches and dinners with legislators” – those dreaded part-time lawmakers – and most were paid with his AMEX credit card. Some were in very intimate North End Italian settings of all places.

You’ll find all that you need in his campaign finance reports here.

For the same time period he gave about $200 bucks to charities – proving once and for all the old axiom that ”Charity begins at home” – or at least on ”home” cooked meals at pricey Boston restaurants. Many of them are among the well-known cozy Italian cucinas… uhhh, sorry, I hinted at that above.

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