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Mariano Lowell

Bob Monty on Rep. Ron Mariano Part 2: Livin’ La Dolce Vida

Ronald Mariano

I want to follow up my last critique – Through the Looking Glass – about one of our most excellent bon vivants and state representatives. In it I presented some of his campaign finance information and a supposition that turned out to be true (I have a tendency to be conjecturally spot-on about 96 percent of the time).

I don’t have any personal vendettas for our elected patricians – what I do is highlight times when I think they’re either under-performing or just sleeping too late in the day to be of real use. Such is the case with of both of Weymouth’s state reps, who I call the M&M twins. What I write might be seen by some as mean spirited but somebody has to wake them up and get them to do the jobs they were elected to do – which to this point have been far less than worth mentioning.

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