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10th - Perry Malone Keating

Bill Keating and Robert O'Leary in Tightest Congressional Primary

In just about a week voters will have a chance to vote in more congressional primaries than they have in decades. For the most part these congressional primaries have clear leaders. Only one congressional primary race is right now in what looks like a dead heat, the race between Democrats Bill Keating and Robert O’Leary.

As the primary race draws to a close both candidates are out with new TV ads to highlight key differences between them. O’Leary tells voters that he is the only candidate to support a strict timeline for withdrawl from the war in Afghanistan. Keating says that he is the only candidate who is against raising the retirement age for Social Security.


Robert O’Leary’s Ad

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10th - Perry Malone Keating

Video: Keating Slams O'Leary for "Triple Dipping" on NECN Debate

The Boston Herald reported yesterday that State Senator and 10th Congressional candidate Robert O’Leary is collecting pay for 3 simultaneous state jobs:

  • $76,030 in Senate pay;
  • $30,768 for teaching at Massachusetts Maritime Academy;
  • $2,922 for teaching part-time at Cape Cod Community College.

His primary opponent Bill Keating wasted no time in criticizing O’Leary in a taped debate on NECN.


10th - Perry Malone Keating

10th Congressional District Candidates

» Jeff Perry (R)
» Joe Malone (R)
» Bill Keating (D)
» Robert O'Leary (D)
» Ray Kasperowicz (R)
» Bob Hayden (R)
» Maryanne Lewis (I)
» Jim Sheets (I)

Map of the 10th Congressional District:

Map of the 10th Congressional District

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