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Nyman Valanzola Welch Davis

Fifth Plymouth Representative District Candidates: Nyman, Valanzola, Welch and Davis

» Rhonda Nyman (D)
» Jared Valanzola (R)
» Korey Welch (R)
» Ian Davis (I) write-in

Rep. Robert J Nyman, who was running as the single Democratic candidate in this race was found dead in his pool June 26th.

This leaves the race with 2 Republican challengers, Welch and Valanzola.

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Nyman Valanzola Welch Davis

Rhonda Nyman to run as the Democratic Candidate for the 5th Plymouth District

Rep. Robert Nyman

Rhonda Nyman, wife of the late state Rep. Robert Nyman, will seek his House seat, according to the State House News Service.

Before Rep. Robert Nyman’s unexpected passing, the 5th Plymouth district was considered a safe Democratic seat.

Rep. Nyman was extremely popular in his district. No Democratic candidate wanted to challenge him, and the two Republican challengers, Jared Valenzola and Korey Welch seemed like only token opposition. They are both very young, inexperienced in politics, and not particularly well financed.

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