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Patronage Jobs

Chief Justice Mulligan Sparks a Showdown Between the Judiciary and the Legislature

Chief Justice Robert Mulligan in 2008

Tensions between the Judiciary and the Legislature have simmered for years over the legislators use of the courts as a source of patronage jobs for the politically connected. This year’s budget process may have finally set off a battle between the Judiciary and the Legislature which will play out during the election season.

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Budget Patronage Jobs Rush Williams Walsh

Rep. Mike Rush Gets Political Payback on Justice Robert Mulligan – May Force JCAM Move to Charlestown

Charlestown District Court

Legislative Payback to Judges is Part of Long Standing Tradition

Rep. Mike Rush sponsored a budget amendment that was adopted into the House budget that directs Justice Robert Mulligan to move the offices of the Chief Justice for Administation and Management (CJAM) from prime downtown office space to a dingy 3rd floor office space at the Charlestown District Court. The amendment was inserted by Robert DeLeo in a closed door session, without public debate.

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Sullivan Coppinger Tynan Joyce

Tenth Suffolk Representative District Candidates: Benedetti, Coppinger, Joyce, Julian, Sullivan, Tynan

Candidate OCPF
» Paul P. Sullivan (D)
» Edward F. Coppinger (D)
» Robert W. Joyce (D)
» Matthew J. Benedetti (D) $869
» Pamela Julian (D) $5
» Kelly Ann Tynan (D)

Rep. Mike Rush will not seek re-election to this seat, as he is running for Marian Walsh’s senate seat.

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