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2010 Elections

The Tea Party: Radical Extremists or Educators?

With the November elections not far away, I want to take a look at the Tea Party Movement and and share my thoughts on what I see the movement as.

The first question one has to ask is what is the Tea Party movement. It certainly has been described as many things, a third political party, a racist organization, a bunch of right-wingers bent on ousting the current president, a movement to overthrow the Government by violent means. While every group has their fringe elements, this is not how I see the Tea Party movement, certainly not at the local level here in Massachusetts. This is based on my having attended various Tea Party group meetings and events. I have never seen any evidence of racism, violence, talk of impeachment or any of the things the Tea Party movement is accused of. Being a sceptic,  I have looked for this evidence and have found none.

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