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Alimony Reform Creem Rudnick Shared Parenting

Ned Holstein: Senator Creem and Mr. Rudnick, Help our children

Ned Holstein

The Newton TAB and the Boston Globe have reported a bizarre flier that has been distributed lately in Newton. It claims that Senator Cynthia Creem is “perpetuating a war against children and parents.” As chairman of the board of Fathers & Families, a national nonprofit with 6,000 supporters in Massachusetts, I am dismayed by this foolish attack. Unfortunately, the rants of a tiny group called FathersUnite.org cause people to dismiss important questions about the family courts, the welfare of our children and our elected officials.

The experience of a Fathers & Families member makes the problem clear. When his 2-year-old son Joshua (fictitious name to protect privacy) is frightened, he reflexively throws his arms around his dad and holds on for dear life. For some reason, he gets special comfort from holding onto dad’s earlobe. Unfortunately, since his parents separated, the courts have ordered that he only gets to see his dad about four days per month, with no overnights. Joshua toddles around the house searching for “Dada, Dada,” is often sad and sleeps poorly at night.

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Governor Shared Parenting

Deval Patrick Shows a Little Backbone on Shared Parenting

Deval Patrick

It looks like Deval Patrick may convene a task force on Shared Parenting after all.

For months now, activists for Shared Parenting, bill H1400 have been asking Gov. Patrick to convene a task force on shared parenting like he promised months ago.

It looks like Patrick may keep his promise to the people after all. The Governors cheif legal counsel, Mo Cowan has been making inquiries into who should be on the task force. On the short list are Dr. Net Holstein and Dr. Peter Hill.