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3rd - McGovern Lamb Stopa Congress

Massachusetts Congressional District 3 Election Results (Town by Town): McGovern Wins

U.S. House – District 3 – General
Town/City Precincts J. McGovern (i)
M. Lamb
P. Barron
Total 190/190 122,357
Ashland 4/4 3,423
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2nd - Neal Wesley Fleitman Congress

Massachusetts Congressional District 2 Election Results (Town by Town): Neal Wins

U.S. House – District 2 – General
Town/City Precincts R. Neal (i)
T. Wesley
Total 203/223 109,535
Agawam 8/8 6,192
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1st - Olver Gunn Congress

Massachusetts Congressional District 1 Election Results (Town by Town): Olver Wins

U.S. House – District 1 – General
Town/City Precincts J. Olver (i)
B. Gunn
M. Engel
Total 253/255 127,474
Adams 5/5 1,636
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Governor's Council 2nd District

Rich Mitchell's Funny Cartoon About his Opponent Kelly Timilty

YouTube Preview Image

The video makes reference to many controversies surrounding Kelly Timilty. Check out the following articles:

The District 2 Dems Against Another K. Timilty Campaign, and are led by Plainville Democratic Town Committee Chair Mary-Ann Greanier (who is acting independent of that position).

Greanier and a reported 35 of her allies have mobilized to roust Timilty from office. Their gripe: in 2008, Timilty admitted to using Governor Deval Patrick’s endorsement in campaign literature without consent and forging his signature. For the farce, she was fined $8000 by the attorney general’s office.

Greanier, claims Timilty is more or less an absentee delegate who collects her check and does little else. “what she did was insulting, obnoxious, and illegal enough that we don’t want her as our nominee.”

Timilty was chided in a recent issue of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly for attending fewer than half the weekly council meetings during the past year. But Timilty waved off the no-show charge at the forum, saying her attendance record is “neither here nor there.”

Councilor Kelly Timilty of Dedham allegedly sent out a mailing to voters that had Gov. Patrick’s signature and an endorsement message from him – two things Patrick’s office said he did not do. “The mailing sent out recently by the Timilty campaign was not approved by the Deval Patrick Committee, nor did the governor approve or author the letter that bares his signature,”

Kelly A. Timilty, the governor’s councilor whose campaign copied Governor Deval Patrick’s signature on election fliers and claimed his endorsement without permission, took responsibility yesterday

Walz Marston

Brad Marston: On Political Courage it's really no contest

Brad Marston

Brad Marston scores perfect 100% on national organization’s Political Courage Test

The Friends of Brad Marston Committee announced today that Project Vote Smart, a major national non-partisan research organization has released the results of its Political Courage Test.

According to information posted on their website www.VoteSmart.org, Brad Marston who is challenging Democratic incumbent Representative Marty Walz in the Eighth Suffolk District scored 100%. Representative Walz scored 0%.

The following statement was posted on Representative Walz’s page on the organization’s website:

“Representative Martha ‘Marty’ Walz refused to tell citizens where he/she stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders.”

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Ballot Questions Benson Hayes

Kurt Hayes: Vote YES on questions 4 and 5

Hayes drives Route 2 and Taxpayer Protection solutions to the ballot.

In addition to three statewide ballot questions, voters in the 37th Middlesex district towns of Shirley, Lunenburg, Lancaster, Harvard, Boxborough, and Acton will have two additional ballot questions for their consideration on November 2nd. State Representative candidate Kurt Hayes announced today that he and his supporters gathered the signatures that will put two non-binding questions before the voters of the district he hopes to serve as State Representative.

Question 4 will ask the voter, “Shall the representative from this district be instructed to vote in favor of legislation that would accelerate the completion of improvements to Route 2 in order to reduce traffic congestion and commute time and improve safety on Route 2 between I-495 and Route 128?”.

Question 5 will ask the voter, “Shall the representative from this district be instructed to vote in favor of legislation that would require proof of legal residence in Massachusetts before an applicant could obtain publicly-funded state benefits?”.

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Rush Williams Walsh

Brad Williams releases the Williams Way: an Economic Plan to get Massachusetts moving again

Brad Williams

Massachusetts is facing serious and difficult challenges this election year, as evidenced by significant discontent on behalf of voters and by the refusal of most incumbents to debate and defend their records. I would like to take this opportunity to let the people of this district know what I believe, and how my ideas differ from those of the Democrats currently representing them. The two biggest challenges facing us today in Massachusetts are reversing the rapid expansion of state government over the last decade and transforming it into the creation of private sector jobs. The Williams Way covers three areas: an economic plan, state budget reform, and good government reforms. To illustrate how my plan differs from other recently elected officials, I have included the relevant roll calls.

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4th - Frank Bielat Sholley

Sean Bielat Crushes Barney Frank in Debate on WGBH's Greater Boston


Emily Rooney moderated a debate between Barney Frank and Sean Bielat on October 14th. Rooney starts by noting that Bielat has come from outside of politics to be a surprisingly strong challenge to Frank. She calls it the “race everyone is talking about.”

As usual, Frank does most of the talking. Bielat has been learning how to get Frank to hang himself, and at many points during the debate, Frank does just that. Bielat has Frank almost stuttering and blabbering trying to make complex arguments that appear to make no sense.

Rooney had to cut Frank off several times in what seemed like an act of charity. Bielat speaks for maybe one fifth of the time, and wins easily.

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Deval Patrick Governor

President Obama Flies in to Support Deval Patrick

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The Patrick campaign is not acting like it knows it is 7 points ahead in the polls. You ask the President fly in and stump for you two weeks before election day unless, like Martha Coakley, you think your campaign is in a little trouble.

Patrick’s introduction is really strong. He is still a great and charismatic speaker. But there is a huge difference in the enthusiasm the crowd shows Obama than they show Patrick. The video tries to tone down this difference by turning down the crowd noise and overlaying some music – but there is no denying it – that crowd was there for Obama only.

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Mary Connaughton State Auditor Suzanne Bump

Debate between Mary Connaughton and Suzanne Bump

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