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Brad Marston: On Political Courage it's really no contest

Brad Marston

Brad Marston scores perfect 100% on national organization’s Political Courage Test

The Friends of Brad Marston Committee announced today that Project Vote Smart, a major national non-partisan research organization has released the results of its Political Courage Test.

According to information posted on their website www.VoteSmart.org, Brad Marston who is challenging Democratic incumbent Representative Marty Walz in the Eighth Suffolk District scored 100%. Representative Walz scored 0%.

The following statement was posted on Representative Walz’s page on the organization’s website:

“Representative Martha ‘Marty’ Walz refused to tell citizens where he/she stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders.”

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Walz Marston

Marston Campaign accuses Representative Marty Walz of blocking debates

Brad Marston

Candidate for State Representative in the Eighth Suffolk willing to debate incumbent “Anywhere. Anytime”

In July, Representative Walz told her Republican challenger in the Eighth Suffolk District via letter “I anticipate that local organizations will organize debates this fall, and I look forward to participating in them with you.” With only three weeks left before Election Day, no community organizations or local press have stepped forward to host/sponsor a debate. The Marston campaign is pushing for debates. The heads of both the Beacon Hill and West End Civic Associations have stated they want to sponsor debates. Yet they still aren’t happening.

In a statement released by the Brad Marston for State Representative campaign Marston said “If Representative Walz had simply told me she wasn’t interested in debating me I could respect that. I wouldn’t think it served the interests of the voters, but I could at least respect it. To tell me that she is “looking forward to participating in [debates]” but then going behind my back and blocking them smacks of the ‘politics as usual’, ‘say one thing and do another’ scheming that voters tell me they are are fed up with and is typical of Representative Walz.

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Walz Marston

State Representative candidate Brad Marston stretches advantage in e-campaign

[ed_note]We recevied the following message from Brad Marston, a candidate for State Representative in the 6th Suffolk Representative District[/ed_note]


Brad Marston

Marston campaign launches virtual phone bank

On Tuesday October 5th, the Brad Marston for State Representative campaign went live with their “virtual” phone bank program called “Minutes for Marston”. It allows volunteers to make calls to voters from their home computer. using either a cell or land line phone. While this technology is a staple of national and statewide campaigns, it is rarely seen in local races. This cutting edge technology is consistent with the Marston campaign’s extensive use of online tools and social media.

“We are light years ahead of the incumbent in terms of our online presence. Our website BradMarston.com is built on a social networking platform. Our campaign YouTube channel has had over 4,000 views. With over 6,000 Facebook friends and fans and nearly 2,700 Twitter followers, those numbers put us in the league of Congressional and Statewide candidates.” Marston said in a statement released to the press.

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Walz Marston

Brad Marston: Are you serious about the 2010 elections?

Brad Marston

As this is my first post here I will keep it brief. First and foremost I would like to thank the Editors of Massachusetts Election 2010 for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

I recently received a campaign mailer from my State Representative in the Eighth Suffolk District (Back Bay, Beacon Hill, The West End and part of Cambridge) who I am challenging in the November election. I took exception to a number of points she made but one phrase really struck me. “From ethics reform to transportation reform, we have made real progress, but much work remains.”

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Walz Marston

Alleged Russian spies donated money to Rep. Marty Walz

Wicked Local Cambridge is reporting that Tracy Lee Ann Foley and Donald Heathfield, a couple arrested Sunday and charged with being Russian spies donated money to Rep. Marty Walz:

A Cambridge woman arrested and charged Sunday with being a Russian spy donated to state Rep. Marty Walz’s campaign in 2004.

According to state campaign finance records, Tracey Lee Ann Foley of 111 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, gave $50 to Walz on May 30, 2004.

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Walz Marston

Brad Marston challenging Marty Walz for the 8th Suffolk Representative District

» Marty Walz (D) $83,000 incumbent
» Brad Marston (R) $8,000

[ed_note]We’ll turn this into a proper article soon. Our notes follow.[/ed_note]

Some Notes on Marty Walz:

$83,000 in campaign fund. OCPF reports show she has taken a lot of lobbyist and PAC money.

Her issues page: http://www.martywalz.com/issues.htm

She is a pro-abortion extremist on the board of NARAL.

Notes on Brad Marston:

$8,000 in campaign financing, and taken no lobbyist or PAC money.

Notes on the District:

Very Democratic district.  Back Bay, Beacon Hill, MIT, and CambridgePort.

Camb: 58% D, 5%R,, 35% I

Boston:  55% D, 7%R, 36% I

Skews female. Cambridgeport 30% black. Back Bay 100% white. Beacon Hill mixed. Cambridge port very young. Beacon Hill older

School age children only in lots of school age children in Cambridgeport.

Votes cast 2008:

walz: 13,821

others: 151

blank: 4923

total: 18895


walz: 9540

others: 106

blanks: 2642

total: 12288

Marston needs to turn out 8000 voters to win.

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