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3rd - McGovern Lamb Stopa

Rep. Jim McGovern has a Growing List of Challengers

» Jim McGovern (D) incumbent
» Marty Lamb (R)
» Mike Stopa (R)
» Brian Herr (R)
» Bob Delle (R)
» Bob Chipman (R)
» Patrick Barron (I)

Map of the 3rd Congressional District:

Map of the 3rd Congressional District

The race for Jim McGovern’s 3rd Congressional District is heating up.

The 3rd district is the fourth most conservative district in Massachusetts.

More analysis of the race is available at RedMass.

Howie Carr makes a good point: Why are there so many Republicans running for Capitol Hill instead of Beacon Hill?

We’ve got 4 challengers for Jim McGovern, 4 challenging Bill Delahunt, 3 running against Barney Frank, 11 running against Niki Tsongas, and the list goes on. Most of these challengers haven’t even held statewide office.

Massachusetts needs political reform at the state level much more than it needs it at the federal level. A lot of these guys would be solid challengers for the state legislature instead of long shots for Congress.

Updated: New candidates as of March 23rd. Republicans smell blood, and like sharks, it just keeps attracting more of them.