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Attorney General

Attorney General's Race: Jim McKenna Debates Martha Coakley on Keller At Large

Martha Coakley has a problem with selective prosecution.

Jim McKenna really presses her on her lack of effectiveness on illegal immigration and public corruption in this debate. He is much stronger in this appearance than he was their last debate on NECN’s Broadside.

We’ve got the debate video, and the background to help you understand some of the exchanges in the debate.

More video and analysis after the jump.

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9th - Lynch D'Alessandro Lepor

Rep. Stephen Lynch to debate Mac D'Alessandro… for 15 minutes.

Rep. Stephen Lynch

A hilarious story just appeared on GateHouse News:

Rep. Stephen Lynch promised a debate with Mac D’Alessandro, his opponent in the primary election, and debate he shall.

For 15 minutes.

Lynch and D’Alessandro will film a debate Friday for WBZ-TV, with Jon Keller hosting. The 15-minute show will air on Sunday at 8:30 a.m.

Mac D’Alessandro has been asking to debate Lynch all through the campaign. It is a common strategy for secure incumbents to avoid debates against political newcomers. The reasoning is that the incumbent already has the name recognition. Debating just gives the challenger legitimacy. So why do it?

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Charlie Baker Deval Patrick Governor Jill Stein Tim Cahill

Governor's Race Poll Analysis: Patrick 45%, Baker 34%, Cahill 16%

YouTube Preview Image

Age, Sex and Race Playing a Significant Role

The race is tightening. In the latest Rasmussen Poll, Patrick who last polled at 45% has seen support drop to 41%. He is still seeing benefits from good economic news. Before recent reports of an economic turn around Patrick was polling in the low 30’s.

Baker continues to rise. As the number of voters with no opinion of Baker shrinks he is seeing his poll numbers rise as expected. Probably not as quickly as he needs to, but the differential between Patrick and Baker is narrowing.

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