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Plymouth County Republican Straw Poll Results

The Plymouth County GOP held a straw poll last night that gives us some insight into a number of Plymouth County Republican primaries.

Not a lot of surprises here, but except maybe how lopsided some of the results were. Results after the jump.

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10th - Perry Malone Keating

10th Congressional District Republican Candidates Debate on NECN

Here is a video of a short Republican candidate’s debate on NECN.

ht RedmassGroup, @ChrisMath

Perry and Malone come off as the clearest speakers. Perry is coming off of yet another attack piece in the Globe. Malone goes after Perry pretty hard on the strip search issue, and on some questionable speeding tickets he issued in 1987. Perry’s defense sounded a little nervous, and refuses to go after Malone on his own record as Treasurer, where one of his subordinates went to jail for theft and some unpaid small business taxes.

10th - Perry Malone Keating

Jeff Perry Leading Joe Malone in the 10th Congressional District Republican Primary

YouTube Preview Image

RedMassGroup is reporting that a recent Public Opinion Strategies poll shows Jeff Perry with a commanding lead over Joe Malone of 41% to 25%.

  • Seniors:  Perry +37%
  • Republicans:  Perry +25%
  • “Tea Party” Supporters: Perry +26%
  • “Very Interested” Voters: Perry +18%
  • Heard of both candidates: Perry +42%
  • Opinion of both candidates: Perry +60%

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10th - Perry Malone Keating

10th Congressional District Candidates

» Jeff Perry (R)
» Joe Malone (R)
» Bill Keating (D)
» Robert O'Leary (D)
» Ray Kasperowicz (R)
» Bob Hayden (R)
» Maryanne Lewis (I)
» Jim Sheets (I)

Map of the 10th Congressional District:

Map of the 10th Congressional District

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