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Bob Monty on Nassour’s MassGOPolicy: FAIL!

Bob Monty

Massachusetts’ voters are purportedly all fired up and eager to throw out all the incumbents this November – but not the MassGOP. Its concentration is on the top-tier offices of governor, light governor, a smattering of other constitutional state offices and a couple of congressional seats – just not the state Legislature.

The absurdity that gubernatorial candidate and health care multi-millionaire Charlie Baker and his new BFF and former New York political operative and now MassGOP leader, Jennifer Nassour, is proposing, is to get the top ticket jobs and worry about the state’s House and Senate seats two years from now – when he will be just another lame duck (if he wins). He’ll never be able to sustain a veto (if he wins) – just like his Democrat predecessor, DeFault Patrick (if he loses); and all those before him. All of our recent governors have been woeful pawns to the whims of the Legislature, so why is no one aiming to control it instead of the Corner Office? Must be the drapes – yeah… that’s it – they like the drapes.

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