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Ross Harkins Smulowitz

Harkins Won't Endorse Smulowitz – Party Activists Line up Behind Ross and Smulowitz

Dr. Peter Smulowitz

Lida Harkins has stunned Needham Democratics in an interview on Wicked Local Needham, where she refused to endorse Peter Smulowitz, the winner of the Democractic Primary for Scott Brown’s Senate seat. She said she isn’t supporting Ross only because she is Chair of Needham’s Democratic Town Committee.

Harkins, a 20 year incumbent, lost to Smulowitz by a narrow margin in what is looking like a difficult election year for Democratic incumbents. Toward the end of the race, Smulowitz sent out flyers attacking Harkins controversial campaign financing, pointing out that she continues to take contributions from indicted former Speakers.

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Eldridge Thompson

Middlesex & Worcester Senate District Candidates: Eldridge, Thompson

» Jamie Eldridge (D) $4,580 incumbent
» George Thompson (R)

Eldridge co-sponsored Alimony Reform (H1785)

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Jehlen Carnevale

Second Middlesex Senate District Candidates: Jehlen, Carnevale

» Patricia Jehlen (D) $28,603 incumbent
» Dave Carnevale (R) $534

Jehlen co-sponsored Alimony Reform (H1785)

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