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Governor Tim Cahill

Video: Tim Cahill Candidate for Governor Interviewed by Hector Montalvo

Hector has been interviewing all the major candidates. Here is his interview with Tim Cahill. He had a previous interview with Charlie Baker and another with Attorney General candidate Jim McKenna.

Hector has more videos coming out including one with Deval Patrick and another with Martha Coakley.

Charlie Baker Governor

Video: Charlie Baker Candidate for Governor Interviewed by Hector Montalvo

Hector has another long and extremely informative interview with Charlie Baker. They go over tax cuts and the impact on the economy, especially on small business. Baker talks about how there are two sets of rules – where the regular people have had to make tough choices and accept lower earnings, while the state has continued to give itself budget increases and pay raises.

Baker makes two pledges:

  1. He will not raise taxes
  2. He will never cut local aid

Baker says that in the last election Patrick made three promises that he has not kept:

  1. That he would cut property taxes
  2. put 1000 new cops on the street
  3. make no cuts to local aid

“Those are big promises that haven’t been kept.”

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4th - Frank Bielat Sholley Governor's Council Governor's Council 1st District

Interview with Joe Ureneck and Richard Mitchell Candidates for Governor's Council

The interview was on Behind the Scene with Hector Montalvo. It has a strong focus on father’s rights and family court reform.

Campbell Mpontalvo DiNuccio

Fifteenth Essex Representative District Candidates: Campbell, DiNuccio, Montalvo

» Linda Dean Campbell (D) incumbent
» Al DiNuccio (R)
» Hector Montalvo (I)

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Campbell Mpontalvo DiNuccio

Two Men Challenging Rep. Linda Campbell

Linda Campbell

Linda Campbell will be facing two challengers,  Al DiNuccio (R)  and Hector Montalvo (I).

It may be a tough election for Campbell. Last term she barely squeaked by against Chris DiBella by only 496 votes in the primary. This is a tough year for Democratic incumbents especially in Methuen which went heavily for Scott Brown 64%-32%.

So it’s not surprising that Campbell is distancing herself from the party by calling herself a “very conservative Democrat.” But is she really? read more »