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Creem Rudnick

Cindy Creem Running Push Polls – Must be Getting Nervous About Rudnick Campaign

Cynthia Creem

There is some buzz over on Greg Reibman’s Wicked Local Blog that Sen. Cynthia Creem is running some push polling in her district.

According to people who have received the calls, the polling company is American Directions Group. They are mainly a campaign consulting group and not a proper polling company.

One commenter, Julia Malakie, reported on the push nature of the poll:

I got this poll this afternoon! I said, “I’m undecided” and the person said something like ‘Cindy Creem is the incumbent senator who’s been fighting for educations, etc etc… [no, they didn’t say et cetera] … Please remember to vote in September.’

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Ross Harkins Smulowitz

Needham Democrats Attempt to Heal Rift Between Harkins and Smulowitz Ahead of May 11th Election

Needham Town Hall

Democrats in Needham have been trying to heal the division between Smulowitz and Harkins supporters.

On Wednesday there was a “Democratic Unity” meeting at a private home in Needham. In attendance was John Walsh, the Democratic Party Chair, and a large number of old guard Needham Democratic activists. Peter Smulowitz was there, and though Lida was invited she didn’t show.

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