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Governor's Council 4th District

A message from Jacquolyn Payne-Thompson, Candidate for Governor's Council 4th District

Jacquolyn Payne-Thompson

My name is Jacquolyn Payne-Thompson, I am running for the Massachusetts State Governor’s Council 4th District seat because there are many challenges; some unforeseen that are facing us today where strong, effective, leadership is needed. This is the kind of leadership that I can and want to bring to the Governor’s Council. There are pressing issues of concern around our court system where judges are to be held accountable to make sound accurate decisions as it relates to housing, women and child abuse, foster care, incarceration for a crime, CORI-Law, Juvenile Justice System, and re-entry programs for both men and women. I feel that the Governor’s Council (Executive Committee/board) meetings, should be more open to the community with councilors that represents the districts that they serve, and are actively involved in the communities’ issues. In the Governor’s Council there should be NO rubber stamping of any kind, further information about hearings on the internet accessible for public viewing, and annual reports be submitted from the Governor’s Council.

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