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Peter Smulowitz Campaign Under Threat from Needham Democratic Party Schism

Peter Smulowitz

Democratic infighting threatens other Needham Democratic candidates as well.

The election for the Norfolk Bristol and Middlesex Senate seat is just a week away. Progressive Democratic activists from around the state are working overtime to help Smulowitz win. There are call centers set up not just by the Smulowitz campaign, but by activists in Arlington and as far away as Northampton. Activists at BlueMassGroup have been raising money for Smulowitz. Katherine Adam has organized a fast growing independent facebook group to raise money for Smulowitz. Democratic super-activist Harmony Wu, a major organizer for Barack Obama, has been giving Smulowitz her full attention.

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Ross Harkins Smulowitz

Peter Smulowitz Defeats Lida Harkins

In the Norfolk Bristol and Middlesex seat, Dr. Peter Smulowitz has defeated long time Representative Lida Harkins. I don’t know the vote totals yet – but it must be conclusive because the Harkins campaign has officially conceded.

An unofficial tally has Smulowitz with 3,806 votes and Harkins with 3,666.

Flaherty DiDomenico Ross Harkins Smulowitz

Election Predictions: DiDomenico in MSE, Smulowitz in NBM

Sal DiDomenico

Today is election day in the senate seats in Middlesex Suffolk and Essex ( Galluccio’s seat ) and Norfolk Bristol and Middlesex ( Scott Brown’s seat ).

Middlesex Suffolk & Essex:

Turnout is expected to be low. Campaigns are predicting a total turnout of about 13,000 people. I think it will  be even less. Early numbers are very few people at the polls by mid-day.

Here is how I think the candidates will come in:

  • DiDomenico (33%)
  • Flaherty (26%)
  • Simmons (22%)
  • Albano (12%)
  • Benzan (6%)
  • Hill (1%)

DiDomenico’s support is solid in the northern part of the district. If you go past Everett to the north it’s DiDomenico  signs everywhere.

I think Flaherty’s support it soft. A lot of people who would prefer to vote for the true progressives ( Albano and Simmons ) are voting for him just on the perception that he’s the only Cambridge candidate who can win.

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Ross Harkins Smulowitz

Lida Harkins vs. Peter Smulowitz Campaign Controversy over Lobbyist Funding

Dr. Peter Smulowitz

The Democractic primary race between Peter Smulowitz and Lida Harkins is getting a little heated.

The Smulowitz Campaign has been making an issue of Harkins campaign contributions – that Harkins has taken contributions from 3 indicted former speakers.

Then at the April 5th State Senate Debate in Needham, Harkins accused Smulowitz of “gutter politics”. And Smulowitz responded:

Nothing we have said is misleading. It is all factual. The simple fact is that my Democratic opponent took campaign money from three separate speakers who were indicted, and that’s not bad enough, the money wasn’t given back after they were indicted. That is only a fact.

The issue has not died down. Smulowitz has continued to send out mailers which level this accusation. And in recent days the campaigns have gone back and forth about this accusation. So today Smulowitz offered a resolution to the controversy. In a press release April 8th, Smulowitz said:

There is a simple resolution to this [controversy]. Lida Harkins should return, today, the money or, better still, contribute the money to a local charity. When Lida does this the matter will be closed.

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Ross Harkins Smulowitz

Smulowitz Against Gambling Initiative, Harkins for it

Peter Smulowitz

The Sun Chronicle as an article about one of the few stark policy differences between Dr. Peter Smulowitz and Rep. Lida Harkins:

First-time candidate Peter Smulowitz of Needham said he opposes legalized casinos and slot machines at racetracks, while his primary election opponent, state Rep. Lida Harkins, said she favored them.

Harkins and Smulowitz are running in the primary for Norfolk Bristol & Middlesex State Senate seat vacated by Scott Brown. This is a short election with the primary coming up in barely 3 weeks on April 13th.

In this regard Harkins is aligned with Republican Richard Ross who also supports expanded gambling. Gambling opponents in this district have only one chance to elect a senator who opposes expanded gambling. If Harkins wins then both candidates in the general election on May 11th will be supporters of expanded gambling.

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