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Ross Harkins Smulowitz Wasserman Garlick O'Leary

Ross Defeats Smulowitz 15,893 to 9,819

Ross Wins!

Lack of Democratic Support and Divisive Primary Costs Smulowitz

Richard Ross defeated progressive newcomer Peter Smulowitz by a decisive margin.

In the best of circumstances this was going to be a tough election for Democrats to win. The sourthern part of the district is heavily Republican. Scott Brown defeated Martha Coakley here by margins of 4-1 in many places. Had the Democracts been behind Smulowitz – it would have been possible to win with a lot of hard work.

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Wasserman Garlick O'Leary

John O'Leary running for Lida Harkins' Open Representative Seat

John O'Leary

Lida Harkins will not seek re-election for the 13th Norfolk House seat she has held for over 20 years, opting instead to run for the Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex Senate seat previously held by Senator Scott Brown. Open seats held by an incumbent for this long tend to attract many candidates when they finally open up.

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