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Winslow Nacewicz

Nacewicz calls Republican's attacks “way off target.”

September 14, 2010

PLAINVILLE- Democratic candidate for State Representative Stanley J. Nacewicz has issued a statement to the Ninth Norfolk District rebutting his opponent on the tax issue.

[The statement can be found in the Walpole Times @ http://www.wickedlocal.com/walpole/features/x353266851/Campaign-Trail-Norfolk-County-s-Ninth-House-District-Democrat-Stan-Nacewicz-is-full-of-out-of-the-box-ideas]

Nacewicz, a longtime Plainville resident and the current appointed Chief Tax Assessor for the City of Attleboro, MA is running against Norfolk corporate lawyer Daniel Winslow in the race for State Representative of the Ninth Norfolk District.

“My opponent has labeled my excise tax proposal as a mandated tax increase and it’s completely false. He’s obviously failed to see that 1) the plan is entirely an option for communities, 2) if the communities decide to implement the plan, the direct revenue generated would go directly back to the communities (unlike sales tax which goes back to the Commonwealth) and 3) the current excise tax system as it stands needs to be updated.”

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4th - Frank Bielat Sholley Congress

Sean Bielat: I Used to Be A Democrat

Sean Bielat

Team Barney is waking up and the attacks against me are starting. It’s predictable but I’m flattered that they care enough to start so early. Two days ago they released some research to a blogger using a strange line of reasoning: “don’t vote for Sean because he used to be a Democrat.” Ironically, I expected Barney Frank and Democrats nationwide to attack their opponents as being too conservative. Instead, the first salvo is that I used to be a Democrat. The truth is, I’m more like you.

Meanwhile, Frank and his supporters are avoiding defending his record in Congress, one that includes support for bailouts, sub-prime mortgages, mounting debt, and a massive expansion of government control over the private sector. Voters shouldn’t get distracted by this political labeling nonsense. We need real leadership in Congress and Barney’s record comes up short. That’s why I’m running and why we need to replace Barney this November.

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State Representatives

Stanley J. Nacewicz, Democrat for State Representative of Ninth Norfolk District

Stan Nacewicz

First of all thanks for hosting, Mass Election 2010. And for all the members out there in Massachusetts, thanks for keeping this conversation going. There is much at stake in the 2010 elections. I’d like to relay a statement from my campaign with regards to running for this incredibly important seat in the Ninth Norfolk District:

This November, I humbly ask for your support as I run as a Democrat for State Representative of the Ninth Norfolk District. I have been a resident of Plainville, Massachusetts for the last 25 years and I would be honored to represent you full-time on Beacon Hill.

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