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2010 Elections

Dan Bernstein & Dan Payne: What Mass Political Commentators are Watching for in Mass. Primaries

Dan Bernstein has an excellent overview of the races to watch in today’s primary. As usual he is well informed and his list of interesting races is nearly complete. Here are some of the races he’s watching:

Who’s afraid of a primary? Massachusetts Democratic incumbents can typically relax, because fellow Democrats don’t challenge their own, and the state’s GOP is hapless. That sense will likely be reinforced if this year’s intraparty bids fail badly — so opponents of complacency will be interested to see if folks like Mac D’Alessandro (running against Cong. Steve Lynch), Charles Rudnick (against st. sen. Cynthia Creem), Hassan Williams (against st. sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz), Chris Walsh (against st. rep. Pam Richardson), Anthony Guardia (against st. rep. Mark Falzone), and Matthew Albanese (against st. rep. Christine Canavan) can at least come close enough to keep Dems on their toes in the future.

–Other mighty clashes. For pure lovers of old-fashioned Boston-area political dogfighting, there’s no better race than the state senate rematch between Sal DiDomenico and Tim Flaherty. Eileen Donoghue and Christian Doherty are scorching the earth in the state senate race to replace the legendary Pangy. Both sides of the state senate race for O’Leary’s seat have interesting character contrasts. There are an unusual number of good races for Governors Council, which is to say there are any. And, among the many interesting state rep races, the scrum for Robert Spillane’s Worcester seat stands out as the one most likely to involve people attacking each other with signs before the polls close. And what more can you want?

He misses the contest between Mike Walsh and Mike Rush which is definitely worth watching as well.

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