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Sean Bielat: I Used to Be A Democrat

Sean Bielat

Team Barney is waking up and the attacks against me are starting. It’s predictable but I’m flattered that they care enough to start so early. Two days ago they released some research to a blogger using a strange line of reasoning: “don’t vote for Sean because he used to be a Democrat.” Ironically, I expected Barney Frank and Democrats nationwide to attack their opponents as being too conservative. Instead, the first salvo is that I used to be a Democrat. The truth is, I’m more like you.

Meanwhile, Frank and his supporters are avoiding defending his record in Congress, one that includes support for bailouts, sub-prime mortgages, mounting debt, and a massive expansion of government control over the private sector. Voters shouldn’t get distracted by this political labeling nonsense. We need real leadership in Congress and Barney’s record comes up short. That’s why I’m running and why we need to replace Barney this November.

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New Rasmussen Poll Looks Bad for Congressional Incumbents

The latest Rasmussen poll has some surprising numbers. There is the expected high approval ratings for Scott Brown – 70%. But what is really surprising is this:

Generally speaking, would it better for the country if most incumbents in Congress were reelected this November or if most of them were defeated?

25% Better if most incumbents were reelected
53% Better if most incumbents were defeated
22% Not sure

Massachusetts voters – by a whopping 2-1 margin – would like to see the majority of their congressional delegation defeated.

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