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Taking Down Scotty Brown

Scott Brown

Could any Dems topple #41 in six weeks?

Now that the 2010 election is behind us, we can begin to focus on the truly important task of governing. Just kidding. We’re just going to focus on the 2012 election.

The speculation about which Democrat could beat Scott Brown officially began on January 20, but it has already ramped up in the 36 hours or so since all of #41’s endorsees got trounced at the polls. In the Globe today, Alan Wirzbicki tossed out names like Congressman Mike Capuano and Alan Khazei (both of whom fell to Coakley in last year’s primary), Congressman Stephen Lynch, Newton Mayor Setti Warren, and even financial executive and social security wiz Bob Pozen.

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Secretary of State

Secretary of State Bill Galvin Reneges on Commitment to Debate Jim Henderson

[ed_note]We got this message from Jim Henderson, a candidate for Secretary of the Commonwealth. A common campaign strategy for incumbents is to avoid debating challengers – sadly it looks like Bill Galvin is among the many debate dodgers this cycle.[/ed_note]


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Bill Galvin became to sole candidate for statewide office to refuse to debate this election season, after refusing to attend a scheduled forum to be hosted by Suffolk University’s Rappaport Center. After being accused by Independent candidate Jim Henderson of dodging debate opportunities, Galvin noted at a Friday editorial board meeting in Needham, that the Suffolk debate was proof that he was willing to make his case to voters. However, organizers at the Rappaport Center confirmed Monday, that Galvin’s campaign changed course and refused to commit to the event, contradicting the incumbent’s Friday statement. In light of these circumstances, the organizers were forced on short notice to cancel the debate.

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