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Plymouth County Republican Straw Poll Results

The Plymouth County GOP held a straw poll last night that gives us some insight into a number of Plymouth County Republican primaries.

Not a lot of surprises here, but except maybe how lopsided some of the results were. Results after the jump.

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Calter Truschelli Quelle

Ben Quelle: Without Checks and Balances, We Just Keep Writing the Checks

Ben Quelle

I am Ben Quelle and I am a Republican running for State Representative for the 12th Plymouth District. This year, more than any other, is so important to the voters of Massachusetts.

The balance of power on Beacon Hill has become so out of whack that there is no true debate on any of the issues that are important to the people of Massachusetts and especially those of us in the 12th Plymouth District. It is clear that there are staged arguments between Governor Patrick and the 90 percent Democratic legislature, but generally, the governor and the Legislature can and do pass any law without fear of recourse or veto override.

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Calter Truschelli Quelle

12th Plymouth Representative District Candidates: Calter, Quelle, Truschelli

» Thomas J Calter (D) $12,119 incumbent
» Joseph Truschelli (R) $530
» Ben Quelle (R)

Calter co-sponsored Alimony Reform (H1785)

Three is a great profile on Ben Quelle and Joe Truschelli at WBUR.

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