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Winslow Nacewicz

Dan Winslow Disagrees with Stanley Nacewicz' Call for Tax Hike

[ed_note]We received the following message from Dan Winslow, candidate for 9th Norfolk Representative[/ed_note]


Dan Winslow

Democrat Rep Candidate Calls for 50% Increase in Motor Vehicle Excise Tax

State Representative candidate Dan Winslow today issued a statement disagreeing with his opponent’s proposed 50% increase in the motor vehicle excise tax rate.  Democrat Stanley Nacewicz last week proposed that the motor vehicle excise tax rate be increased from 10% to 15% in an interview with the local media, http://www.wickedlocal.com/medfield/news/x2002276961/Nacewicz-says-he-s-full-of-out-of-the-box-ideas.

“Raising taxes during a recession, with 9 % of people out of work, is absolutely the wrong approach to the budget and will hurt people when they can least afford it,” said Winslow.  According to the published reports, Nacewicz said that “nobody’s going to go broke” on his proposed tax increase, but Winslow disagreed.  According to Winslow, “the Beacon Hill crowd already has increased taxes on individuals and businesses and we cannot afford any more tax increases.  Instead, it’s time to get government working more cost-effectively, to cut wasteful state spending, and to give towns the tools and incentives for fiscally prudent management to preserve core local services.”  Winslow has made a series of detailed proposals on his website, www.danwinslow.com, to reduce wasteful state spending and preserve core services without raising taxes.

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