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Stephen Lynch Avoids Debates – Mac D'Alessandro Goes Negative

Mac' Anti-Lynch Flier

The race between Mac D’Alessandro and Rep. Stephen Lynch in the 9th Congressional always had the potential to go negative. Mac’s campaign was always at its core about seeking a progressive alternative to Stephen Lynch’s “independent” record – or as some progressives view it “DINO” record.

At first D’Alessandro tried delivering that message with upbeat ads about him being an positive alternative to Lynch. We saw this with his apple-inspired “I’m a Mac” ad.

But as the race comes down to the final few days D’Alessandro’s campaign has gone sharply negative. Mac now has a gray anti-Lynch web site that goes after Lynch in the rawest terms possible, declaring “Stephen Lynch’s Bad Votes Have Hurt Our Community”.

And now most recently, the D’Alessandro campaign has been mailing out an over the top flier comparing Stephen Lynch to Benedict Arnold. (h/t lmt politics, and universal hub)

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