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Alimony Reform Creem Rudnick

Does Cynthia Creem Have a Conflict of Interest on Alimony Reform?

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The Globe Says Yes – Creem Says No. What are the Facts?

Cynthia Creem is Senate co-chair of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary. In that position she has the power, along with Representative Eugene O’Flaherty, of deciding the Committee’s agenda. That power allows a legislator to essentially block any bill before that committee. If there is a law that either chair doesn’t want to see passed – it doesn’t matter how much support it has – the chair persons can block it.

She is also a practicing divorce attorney. She charges over $400 per hour to represent clients.

She is a partner at her family’s law firm, Stone Stone & Creem. As a founding partner, Sen. Creem has a financial interest in every case handled by a high end law firm with 4 partners. At over $400 per hour, it is likely that almost every case handled by her firm will consider Alimony.

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Spilka McGrath

Second Middlesex & Norfolk Senate District Candidates: Spilka, McGrath

» Karen Spilka (D) $64,845 incumbent
» Ed McGrath (R) $6,074

Spilka co-sponsored alimony reform (H1785)

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