Suzanne Bump Endorsed by Mass. Coalition for New Americans

Suzanne Bump

The “Massachusetts Coalition for New Americans” has endorsed Suzanne Bump for state Auditor. Their press release follows:

The Massachusetts Coalition for New Americans has announced its endorsement of Democrat Suzanne Bump for State Auditor.  The Commonwealth’s former Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development, Bump has been endorsed by Congressmen Barney Frank and John Olver, numerous state legislators and mayors and outgoing State Auditor Joe DeNucci.  Former Secretary Bump also was the top vote getter for Auditor at the Democratic State Convention in Worcester on June 5th.

“Suzanne Bump has a long history of supporting civil rights and the programs that help all Massachusetts citizens, including immigrants and their families,” said Eva Millona, Executive Director of the Coalition for New Americans, “She is by far the most qualified candidate for State Auditor.  Her leadership as Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development helped provide important education and training opportunities and expanded summer jobs for youth.”

“I’m very happy to receive the endorsement from Coalition for New Americans,” said Bump.  “Immigrants make up a large part of the Massachusetts economy and ensuring fairness and equal opportunity is important to helping our economy grow.”

Bump began her public service career in 1985 when she was elected state representative in Braintree, where she served her constituents for 8 years.  In 1991, while Chairwoman of the Commerce and Labor Committee, she authored a landmark bill to reform worker’s compensation costs that has brought fairness and accountability to the system and saved businesses millions of dollars every year, while delivering faster judgments to injured workers.

When she was Secretary of the Labor and Workforce Development Office she reformed and streamlined the department, reducing first-stage dispute resolution timeframes from 2-3 years to 60-90 days, consolidating the state’s labor relations agencies, creating 11,000 new summer jobs for teens and upgrading the technology to improve her department’s productivity for job training, workplace and downtown improvements, and unemployment insurance checks.


Eva Millona

Coalition for New Americans


I’m not sure who the Coalition for New Americans is exactly. I think their are either the same as the “Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition” (MIRA), or they are closely related. Mira advocates for the rights of immigrants and refugees, both legal and illegal.


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