State Representative candidate Brad Marston stretches advantage in e-campaign

[ed_note]We recevied the following message from Brad Marston, a candidate for State Representative in the 6th Suffolk Representative District[/ed_note]


Brad Marston

Marston campaign launches virtual phone bank

On Tuesday October 5th, the Brad Marston for State Representative campaign went live with their “virtual” phone bank program called “Minutes for Marston”. It allows volunteers to make calls to voters from their home computer. using either a cell or land line phone. While this technology is a staple of national and statewide campaigns, it is rarely seen in local races. This cutting edge technology is consistent with the Marston campaign’s extensive use of online tools and social media.

“We are light years ahead of the incumbent in terms of our online presence. Our website is built on a social networking platform. Our campaign YouTube channel has had over 4,000 views. With over 6,000 Facebook friends and fans and nearly 2,700 Twitter followers, those numbers put us in the league of Congressional and Statewide candidates.” Marston said in a statement released to the press.

Marston continued “That online presence has driven our fundraising, our volunteer recruitment and earned media attention and helped me get my message of supporting small business to create jobs, holding the line on spending and taxes and cleaning up the corrupting culture on Beacon Hill. This latest tool, the online phone bank will help me take that message directly to the voters of the Eighth Suffolk District.”

Campaign Treasurer, John Harrington noted “Our opponent has all the advantages of incumbency with regular columns in the local papers and press coverage. She also has the financial advantage of tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from special interest PACs, lobbyists and public employee unions. Brad made the decision before launching his campaign that we would not solicit or accept that kind of money. It’s the politics as usual that Brad is running against. We’re running a bare bones, grass roots campaign.”

Brad Marston is the Republican Candidate for State Representative in the Eighth Suffolk District which is comprised of Back Bay, Beacon Hill, The West End in Boston and Cambridgeport/Area 4 in Cambridge. Mr. Marston resides on Beacon Hill.

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