Stanley Nacewicz Unveils Senior Tax Freeze Program

Stan Nacewicz

State Representative Candidate, Stanley Nacewicz, proposed a new initiative that would essentially freeze property taxes for Senior Citizens who meet specific criteria.

The program, “Property Tax Freeze for Seniors”, would halt property tax hikes for Senior Citizens who meet both of the following criteria:

  1. He or she must be of the age 65 and over and
  2. Must have 15 years residency in the town for which they apply

“More and more people these days, particularly our Senior Citizens, are getting the boot because of unfair property tax hikes,” Nacewicz says. “As Chief Tax Assessor for the City of Attleboro, I’m constantly hearing stories of whole families being forced to move out-of-state or with loved ones because they can’t afford property taxes.”

Nacewicz thinks the time is right to propose an initiative like “Tax Freeze for Seniors” on Beacon Hill.
“I think there will be enough support for a proposal like this simply because everyone is seeing the same trend. Senior Citizens, and folks on fixed incomes, can’t and shouldn’t be forced to choose between their homes or their life savings.”

The “Property Tax Freeze for Seniors” program would be determined at the state level and could be optioned by each city or town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Nacewicz adds, “This proposal will help fix a broken system while giving the local governments the option to assist their Seniors. The present exemption for Seniors is outdated and needs to be reformed as it has been done in other states.”

Nacewicz is the Democratic Candidate for State Representative in the Ninth Norfolk District. District includes: Wrentham, Plainville, Norfolk, Millis (Precinct 1), Medfield (Pct. 3, 4), and Walpole (Pct. 5).

More information on Nacewicz’s positions can be found online at

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