Senate Candidates to Debate in Allston on March 25th

Allston Brighton on Comm Ave.

The debates in the Middlesex, Suffolk & Essex District just keep coming. The next one is being hosted by the Allston Brighton North Neighbors Forum (ABNNF).

The debate will be at 6pm, at the Gardner School Auditorium, 30 Athol St.

The last debate at the Cambridge senior center was a complete bust. The CDCC had promised an opportunity for people to question the candidates directly, but instead people had to go through a process where they handed the moderator cards and so the questions asked ended up being on issues that have been covered endlessly already in the campaign.

I’m hoping this one will be more of an open forum and maybe new issues will be covered.

Apparently there is also going to be a bake sale where you can buy dinner and dessert and support the school. Sounds like it’s going to be a less formal structure where voters can get a better sense of the candidates.

This seat only represents part of Allston/Brighton, so not all residents are eligible for this race. You can check to see if you are in the district by looking on Enter your address, and if the seat comes up as ‘vacant’, then you are eligible to vote. I’m sure everyone is welcome regardless.

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