Senate Candidates for Cambridge Everett & Chelsea State Senate Seat Video Roundup

Tim Flaherty on CCTV

There are many places hosting the video of the 6 candidates running for Middlesex Suffolk & Essex State Senate.

Cambridge Community TV has been recording local State Senate Candidates. I think it’s their intention to record all the candidates. There are two up already:

I’ll add more here as they post them, but you can probably find whatever they have on their elections page.

Dennis Benzan

Boston Latino TV has been pushing Dennis Benzan:

Their focus is on making sure Latinos register and vote. The district is about 20% Latino – not enough to give him a win outright, but if he can mobilize them it’s a big advantage.

Denise Simmons

After the national contraversy over the arrest of  Professor Henry Louis Gates, Denise Simmons was all over the news:

And several bits on Cambridge Chronicle:

And in a conference at UMass Boston:

Skip ahead to 27:30 min, but it will bore you to tears. She talks about race relations a lot, but maybe it’s because so many of those videos focus on the Gate incident.

Tim Flaherty

Other than the video recorded recently at CCTV, Flaherty has two videos from his last run for this office:

I’ll post this years ridiculous CDCC debate when its posted on-line

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