Republicans for Cutler

Josh Cutler

Dear Fellow Republican,

As proud members of the Republican party we are in the unfamiliar position of asking you to vote for a Democrat on November 2.

It takes an exceptional candidate for us to make this leap and Josh Cutler is just such a candidate. Josh is a person of great integrity, intellect and compassion.

Josh has spent the past decade running a small business and serving as a newspaper editor. He has consistently fought for the same goals we fight for –– fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency in government, conservation of our open spaces and natural resources and common-sense, pro-business tax policies.

While we don’t always agree with Josh on every issue, we are confident Josh will work hard for our district, keep an open mind and truly listen to us.

And if you are worried that Josh will just kowtow to party leaders once in office please take a look on the reverse side to illustrate how as a Selectman, Josh wasn’t afraid to go it alone when the public interest was in question.

While we need more Republican voices in the legislature, we also need Democrats like Josh Cutler who aren’t afraid to work across the aisle to find common ground and bi-partisan solutions.

Please join us in voting Josh Cutler for State Representative on Tuesday, November 2.

Warmest Regards,

Denise Hawes, Pembroke; Bill Boulter,III, Hanson; Mike Halloran, Duxbury; Dr. Gerry Lozeau, Hanson; John Norris, Hanson, Ling Wong; Duxbury; Gordon Coyle, Hanson, Leslie Lawrence, Duxbury; Linda Trabucco, Pembroke, Bob Walsh, Hanson; Mary Lou Buell , Duxbury, Dennis Poisson, Hanson.

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