President Obama Flies in to Support Deval Patrick

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The Patrick campaign is not acting like it knows it is 7 points ahead in the polls. You ask the President fly in and stump for you two weeks before election day unless, like Martha Coakley, you think your campaign is in a little trouble.

Patrick’s introduction is really strong. He is still a great and charismatic speaker. But there is a huge difference in the enthusiasm the crowd shows Obama than they show Patrick. The video tries to tone down this difference by turning down the crowd noise and overlaying some music – but there is no denying it – that crowd was there for Obama only.

At a about 7:10 the crowd starts chanting “4-more years” One gets the sense they aren’t chanting for Patrick – but for Obama! By 7:45 the chant comes back – but this time there is no mistaking it. Look that the crowd behind Obama and Patrick – everyone is chanting it at Obama.

One almost feels sorry for Patrick.

Of course Obama isn’t here for just Patrick. There are a number of races in Massachusetts in need of some star power: Perry vs. Keating, Bielat vs. Frank, and Golnik vs. Tsongas.

At 14:50, Obama hits a bit of an ironic note saying Republicans want to “cut education by 20%”. And then he says pointing to Patrick, here in Massachusetts “it’s the same story”. Of course here in Massachusetts, as all parents know, our Democratic legislature has passed, and Deval Patrick has signed budgets with cuts to education funding every year for the last three.

At 15:30, Obama continues, pointing at Patrick, “We’ve been there, we don’t like it, and we’re not going back.” Wow. Really?

I know Obama must be doing a lot of these “air support” stump speeches – but he really needs to do a little research before flying in.

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  • Michele
    November 1, 2010 - 6:09 pm | Permalink

    Well, let me just tell you that I am NOT jumping on the Obama/Patrick bandwagon. Please, how SAD is it that the current Governor of MA has to have a prominent Head of State fly in to promote good will & other whatnot garbage in order to bring voters attention to his seat? Really, I’d have thought bringing the ol’ POTUS into the picture would have been a political “no,no” as Mr. Patrick is in trouble enough for his job and his record in MA, let alone bringing in the POTUS for desparate help. Mr. Patrick was a “shoe-in” for Governor as the American citizens were temporarily blinded by the President’s “Vows & Wows” game he presented to the ignorant American public that just wanted something to change. Well, it did and NOT for the betterment of all AMERICANS, just a choice few. Just like in MA, Governor Patrick improved the job situation for a choice few, NOT for those who really needed it. How can he possibly think that he has helped the economy in MA when there are pages of homes being forclosed every week, when people that are in the Unemployment offices are not the young, but on avg. are in their ’40’s or older…where are those jobs? Yeah right. We are also not seeing in MA the results of ENFORCING Immigration , so why is that? How about letting us MA citizens know how THAT is going to happen, when Mr. Patrick is doing his “best” by cutting local aid and those towns/cities have to lay off Law Enforcement. Most of us MA citizens just want our basic services in place with the necessary amount of Town workers, adequate Police & Fire Departments, esp. in an economy where if more people are out of work(like Mr. Patrick will soon be) there tends to be a need for more Law Enforcement and it just seems like more & more calls are going to the FD as well…my town always has the ambulances/fire trucks on the go from early am onward & I’m sure it is like that everywhere. People need to be able to afford their homes, NOT lose them to the state where they are supposed to be getting “help”. So, you know…Governor Patrick has a LOT to answer for & if I was the POTUS I’d be steering clear of associating myself with his campaign. Just a thought from a LEGAL VOTER that is NOT IGNORANT on the issues at hand.

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