Charlie Baker Deval Patrick Governor Jill Stein Tim Cahill

Massachusetts 2010 Gubernatorial Results (Town by Town): Patrick Wins


Town/City Precincts D. Patrick (i)
C. Baker
T. Cahill
J. Stein
Total 2120/2168 1,083,924
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State Offices

Massachusetts 2010 Statewide Election Results: Coakley, Grossman, Galvin, Bump


Attorney General – General
2120 of 2168 Precincts Reporting – 98%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Coakley, Martha (i) Dem 1,378,651 63%
McKenna, Jim GOP 810,468 37%

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Charlie Baker Deval Patrick Governor

Baker and Patrick Make a Final Election Day Appeal to Voters

The race is polling too close to call. Your decision today can make a big difference.


Deval Patrick’s Election Day Message:

YouTube Preview Image

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4th - Frank Bielat Sholley

Margery Eagan: Barney Frank’s Brookline stronghold flirts with Sean Bielat

Margery Eagan at the Herald says Brookline may be trending a little more toward Bielat than expected:

Oh my God, could bluer than blue Brookline — the capital of Moonbat-istan — be breaking for Republican Sean Bielat?

For 25 years I’ve lived in Brookline, where Republicans admit they’re Republicans at their own risk. Yet I haven’t seen so many lawn signs for a Republican since a few courageous matrons put a “Weld for Governor” placard on their lawn in 1990 and paid the price: social suicide. They were promptly shunned at Whole Foods. Their poor children sat alone in the cafeteria.

It says something huge about Barney Frank’s fall from grace that a few brave Brookline-ites are ready, again, to risk their neighbors’ wrath.

Webster Cutler

Republicans for Cutler

Josh Cutler

Dear Fellow Republican,

As proud members of the Republican party we are in the unfamiliar position of asking you to vote for a Democrat on November 2.

It takes an exceptional candidate for us to make this leap and Josh Cutler is just such a candidate. Josh is a person of great integrity, intellect and compassion.

Josh has spent the past decade running a small business and serving as a newspaper editor. He has consistently fought for the same goals we fight for –– fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency in government, conservation of our open spaces and natural resources and common-sense, pro-business tax policies.

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4th - Frank Bielat Sholley

Rally for Sean Bielat and Charlie Baker, featuring Scott Brown and Mary Z. Connaughton

Charlie Baker at Foxboro Rally, intro by Scott Brown.

YouTube Preview Image

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Governor's Council 2nd District

Rich Mitchell's Funny Cartoon About his Opponent Kelly Timilty

YouTube Preview Image

The video makes reference to many controversies surrounding Kelly Timilty. Check out the following articles:

The District 2 Dems Against Another K. Timilty Campaign, and are led by Plainville Democratic Town Committee Chair Mary-Ann Greanier (who is acting independent of that position).

Greanier and a reported 35 of her allies have mobilized to roust Timilty from office. Their gripe: in 2008, Timilty admitted to using Governor Deval Patrick’s endorsement in campaign literature without consent and forging his signature. For the farce, she was fined $8000 by the attorney general’s office.

Greanier, claims Timilty is more or less an absentee delegate who collects her check and does little else. “what she did was insulting, obnoxious, and illegal enough that we don’t want her as our nominee.”

Timilty was chided in a recent issue of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly for attending fewer than half the weekly council meetings during the past year. But Timilty waved off the no-show charge at the forum, saying her attendance record is “neither here nor there.”

Councilor Kelly Timilty of Dedham allegedly sent out a mailing to voters that had Gov. Patrick’s signature and an endorsement message from him – two things Patrick’s office said he did not do. “The mailing sent out recently by the Timilty campaign was not approved by the Deval Patrick Committee, nor did the governor approve or author the letter that bares his signature,”

Kelly A. Timilty, the governor’s councilor whose campaign copied Governor Deval Patrick’s signature on election fliers and claimed his endorsement without permission, took responsibility yesterday

Walz Marston

Brad Marston: On Political Courage it's really no contest

Brad Marston

Brad Marston scores perfect 100% on national organization’s Political Courage Test

The Friends of Brad Marston Committee announced today that Project Vote Smart, a major national non-partisan research organization has released the results of its Political Courage Test.

According to information posted on their website, Brad Marston who is challenging Democratic incumbent Representative Marty Walz in the Eighth Suffolk District scored 100%. Representative Walz scored 0%.

The following statement was posted on Representative Walz’s page on the organization’s website:

“Representative Martha ‘Marty’ Walz refused to tell citizens where he/she stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders.”

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Secretary of State

Secretary of State Bill Galvin Reneges on Commitment to Debate Jim Henderson

[ed_note]We got this message from Jim Henderson, a candidate for Secretary of the Commonwealth. A common campaign strategy for incumbents is to avoid debating challengers – sadly it looks like Bill Galvin is among the many debate dodgers this cycle.[/ed_note]


YouTube Preview Image

Bill Galvin became to sole candidate for statewide office to refuse to debate this election season, after refusing to attend a scheduled forum to be hosted by Suffolk University’s Rappaport Center. After being accused by Independent candidate Jim Henderson of dodging debate opportunities, Galvin noted at a Friday editorial board meeting in Needham, that the Suffolk debate was proof that he was willing to make his case to voters. However, organizers at the Rappaport Center confirmed Monday, that Galvin’s campaign changed course and refused to commit to the event, contradicting the incumbent’s Friday statement. In light of these circumstances, the organizers were forced on short notice to cancel the debate.

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Rush Williams Walsh

Brad Williams and Michael Rush to Debate on BNN TV, October 27th, 7pm

Brad Williams and Michael Rush will appear on BNN TV’s show Talk of the Neighborhood’s tonight at 7:00pm. The debate will be moderated by the host of the show, Joe Heisler. The show runs from 7:00pm to 8:00, and it can be seen in the Boston area on either Comcast 9 or RCN 15. The debate can also be seen live-streaming on the web at

Williams has been trying to get Rush to debate him all through the campaign. Looks like he’s finally cornered Rush into debating. We’ll try to get the video up after the debate.