Newspapers Across America Endorse Susanne Bump for State Auditor

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Suzanne Bump

Candidate for State Auditor Favored By Newspapers from Every Region of the Commonwealth

Suzanne Bump, a Democratic candidate for Massachusetts State Auditor, has received the endorsement of more newspapers in the Democratic Primary than both of her opponents combined, and is favored by a wide array of newspapers from every region of the Commonwealth. Her list of endorsements include:

The Boston Globe – “Bump has a clearer fix than her opponents on how the auditor’s office might be used for the public good.”

The Salem Evening News – “Suzanne Bump….has impressive service in both the public and private sectors and the credentials to serve in this important watchdog role.”

The Lowell Sun – “Suzanne Bump fought to reform workers’ compensation costs as a state legislator, was successful, and then lost her re-election bid when unions targeted her in a persona non grata campaign. That alone is reason to believe in her conviction to see that government gets the oversight it requires to run efficiently.”

The Springfield Republican – “We believe her proven management skills – and her commitment to provide the taxpayer with better service – will enable her to bring some fresh energy to the office.”

The Newton TAB – “Bump has leadership experience that spans both the private and public sectors, both elected office and gubernatorial appointment.”

…..and several others, including the Bay State Banner, Bay Windows and newspapers in Cambridge, Somerville, West Roxbury, Watertown and Needham.

Additionally, Bump has been endorsed by numerous Massachusetts mayors, state legislators, Congressmen Barney Frank and John Olver, and retiring State Auditor Joe DeNucci. Bump also received the highest total votes at this year’s Democratic State Convention.

Bump began her public service career in 1985 when she was elected state representative in Braintree, where she served her constituents for 8 years. In 1991, while Chairwoman of the Commerce and Labor Committee, she authored a landmark bill to reform worker’s compensation costs that has brought fairness and accountability to the system and saved businesses millions of dollars every year, while delivering faster judgments to injured workers.

As Secretary of the Labor and Workforce Development Office she reformed and streamlined the department, reducing first-stage dispute resolution timeframes from 2-3 years to 60-90 days, consolidating the state’s labor relations agencies, creating 11,000 new summer jobs for teens and upgrading the technology to improve her department’s productivity for job training, workplace and downtown improvements, and unemployment insurance checks.


  • guest
    September 14, 2010 - 5:43 am | Permalink

    Not exactly “across America”, is it? Where’d the headline come from?

  • Haileyelland
    October 7, 2010 - 7:03 pm | Permalink

    Another politician who doesn’t pay their taxes, while piling more and more taxes on us! And there’s a chance that she can be our auditor? Support Mary Z. Connaughton, the HONEST candidate for Auditor!

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